The 6 Best Fly-In Communities In North Carolina

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21 Pros and Cons of Living in The Villages, Florida

The Villages is a mega-retirement community in North-Central Florida that’s gotten a lot of attention in recent years. From 2010 to 2017, it was the fastest-growing small city in the U.S., earning it national attention.  There are many reasons why you might decide to follow the trend and move into The Villages and a few … Read more

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9 Best Fishing Piers in Southern California

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10 Pros and Cons of Living in Apollo Beach, Florida

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How to Get Money from Venmo Without A Bank Account

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10 Best Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Tennesee

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13 Best Fly-in Communities in California

In case you haven’t heard, a fly-in community is a town, city, or community centered around an airport. Many of these areas even allow citizens to park their aircraft in their driveways and drive them down the streets like a car.  California, especially its interior, is home to many communities that grew up around airplanes. … Read more

10 Best Cities to Live in the Czech Republic

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