woman receiving a vanilla gift card

Vanilla Gift Cards-Everything You Need to Know

Vanilla gift cards are monetary products Visa sells to help you give customizable gifts year-round to family members and friends when celebrating birthdays, special holidays, and the occasional “just because” presents. When you are not ….

image of a vanilla gift card

How To Use a Vanilla Gift Card on Amazon

Imagine finding something you need online. You just received a Vanilla gift card, and you want to know how to use it on Amazon. A Vanilla gift card is an amazing gift to receive. Sure, ….

Vetcoin Stacked Chips

What Is Vet Coin and How Can I Use It? 

Vet Coin – An Introduction More and more, the world of cryptocurrency is seeing a proliferation of tokens introduced, each “altcoin” promising unique and revolutionary features. One of these is Vet Coin. But what is ….

cash app girl with card

Top 20 Most Popular Cash App Card Designs

Cash App is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder with the great benefits they offer to those who use them. On top of the minimal fees, they offer your first debit card free of ….

A woman is holding a cell phone. On the phone screen is the logo for Google Pay.

Can I Transfer Money From Google Pay to PayPal?

There are more convenient ways to spend your money today than ever before. Cashiers used to ask customers if they wanted to pay by cash or check. Many people are eschewing both options in favor ….

A zoomed in photo of a cell phone screen. We can see the ReliaCard app logo

Transfer Money from ReliaCard to Cash App

One prepaid card solution is ReliaCard. Unlike prepaid cards that you can purchase at a grocery store, ReliaCard is a reloadable, prepaid debit card that US Bank issues. However, you don’t have to have an ….

woman holding phone in one hand and cash in the other

How to Transfer Money From Google Pay to Bank Account

It seems like new finance-related apps and programs are released daily. Among these new programs are ways to pay friends or vendors without having to break out the ol’ stone tablet, otherwise known as a ….

red drawing of a hand holding a bag of money

How To Transfer Money From Square To Bank Account

Square is the preferred payment method of small businesses everywhere. The mobile system doesn’t charge monthly fees and allows merchants a unique utility and agency. Square is, basically, an account unto itself. When your customer ….