A cartoon drawing of someone using a computer to pay bills

How to Add Another Card to a Green Dot Account

The Green Dot Card is a prepaid card owned by the American Green Dot Bank.  Customers with a Green Dot Account benefit from free cash deposits, withdrawals at select ATMs, and reputable debit card cash-back ….

a cartoon with a red background of people standing in line at an atm

How to Avoid ATM Fees When Using Your Netspend Card

Have you been in the following situation? You need cash, but ATM fees might as well be arm and leg fees. According to MagnifyMoney, typical fees range between $1 to $3.50 each time you make ….

a hand holding a credit card that has coins coming out of it. The coins are going into a phone.

Can You Transfer Money from Western Union to Cash App?

Netspend and Cash App are popular companies that provide various financial products, pa Western Union is one of the most well-known domestic and international money transfer platform. Cash App, formerly known as Square Cash, has ….

a tablet with the Venmo logo

How to Add Money to Venmo With A Prepaid Card

You are not alone if you prefer online person-to-person payments and avoid waiting in line at the bank, fees associated with a bank account, and interest on a credit card.  The U.S. Government Accountability Office ….

a person writing a check with a calculator in the background

10 Second-Chance Checking Accounts With No Opening Deposit

Many Americans have less-than-amazing financial histories for a variety of reasons. A record of bounced checks or debit card overdrafts can easily cut off your ability to participate in modern banking. Not having a checking ….

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How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account?

Gift cards are easy, convenient, and always well-welcomed as a gift. That’s especially true for Amazon gift cards since you can buy just about anything you could ever want from the online superstore.  But, you ….

A zoomed in photo of a cell phone screen. We can see the ReliaCard app logo

Where Can I Withdraw Money From My ReliaCard?

ReliaCard is a service provided by U.S. Bank in conjunction with several government agencies. They include, but are not limited to, benefits related to child support, unemployment, pension programs, and worker’s compensation.  ReliaCard works as ….