15 Pros and Cons of Living in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Fernandina Beach, FL is a suburb of Jacksonville, located on the very northeast corner of the state, bordering Georiga.  The incorporated town of Fernandina Beach is just 16 square miles in size with a population of 11K residents. However, when most folks talk about living in “Fernandina Beach” they are referring to the much larger … Read more

21 Pros and Cons of Living in Indiana

The name Indiana means “Land of the Indians”, so it should be no surprise to learn that Native Americans (Shawnee, Miami, Illin, and others) occupied this land when the French first arrived in the early 1700s.  By 1800, most of the Native Americans had lost their land titles via purchase, treaty, or illegal seizure. Indiana … Read more

Colombia Culture – Heritage and Traditions of Colombia

You could spend a long, long time studying the culture of Colombia and still not cover all there is to know. Needless to say, I’m not going to attempt that! What I will do is give you a bird’s eye view of Colombia’s people, festivals, arts, entertainment, and food. Colombia Culture: People Columbia’s complex history … Read more

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the capital of the Badger State and home to the University of Wisconsin. With a population of 263K people within its 101 square miles, Madison is the second-largest city in Wisconsin. When the first Europeans arrived in the Wisconsin area around the 1600s, it was the home of the Ho-Chunk (a.k.a. Winnebago) tribe. … Read more

30 Pros and Cons of Living Near Power Lines

Is it safe to live near power lines? Although most houses have regular power lines passing nearby, high voltage lines are not commonplace. A majority of people see it as a big issue to live near them. But are there advantages of living close to such power lines? What are the disadvantages? Some myths surround … Read more

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Gilbert, Arizona

Arizona has a particular climate and lifestyle, which can be relaxing and exciting for some, but disappointing for others. It depends on your relationship with the sun and how much you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking through national parks. If you’re looking at different cities in Arizona, consider Gilbert, which is a fantastic place to … Read more

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Ottawa, Canada

There are numerous pros and cons of living in Ottawa. Whether you’re moving to Ottawa for work or education, you should consider both sides of the equation before deciding.  Canada, as a country, is rising through the ranks of the best places to live. In the same vein, the capital Ottawa ranks as the 7th … Read more

21 Pros and Cons of Living in Wisconsin

The Badger State is best known for its cheese and its “cheeseheads” (football fans). For over one hundred years, the state has also been known for its progressive government which has used high tax rates to produce great schools and healthcare for its residents. The many benefits of the state are a reward to the … Read more

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Cyprus

Island life is a dream for many people. The vision of waking up to waves lapping a sandy beach and the smell of saltwater in the air is the definition of goals for plenty of individuals. Living in Cyprus has many benefits, but it’s not all sunshine and happiness. Unfortunately, not all of your days … Read more