Belize Culture & People – Retirement in Belize, Part 9

Let’s be frank: if you are into shopping, arts and nightlife entertainment, Belize is not for you. You won’t find big shopping malls, theaters or art galleries. In fact, franchises of global corporations, like Wal-Mart, McDonalds or Starbucks, are not present in Belize. However, if you are an outdoor lover, you’ll find many Belize attractions to explore: snorkeling and diving … Read more

Costa Rica Visa Requirements – Retire in Costa Rica, Part 7

Guest article by Retiring to  Costa Rica is on your mind? Before making the move, acquaint yourself  with the Costa Rica visa and immigration requirements. For nationals of most countries, the following rules apply (although there are some exceptions)… If you simply want to visit Costa Rica for vacations, you do not need a visa as … Read more