Is Croatia an Expensive Place to Live? Croatia Cost of Living

Croatia is quickly becoming a popular spot for people to go outside of their own countries to live. It is located on the sea with stunning coastlines while offering a much lower cost of living than other Mediterranean countries. It is one of the youngest countries in Eastern Europe and gained its independence from Yugoslavia … Read more

Education in Belize: How Does School System Work?

The structure of the Belize education system is based on the British model, as Belize was a British colony for over one hundred years (British Honduras). There was also a considerable influx from the United States by way of Jesuits teaching in Belize. Thus the content is much more American than British. The country is now approximately … Read more

How To Retire In Portugal From The USA

Does the idea of spending your retirement years in a sunny location with a pristine natural environment, friendly people, and vibrant culture sound good? Portugal could be the answer! Portugal is a popular destination for retirees because of its low cost of living, low taxation rates, and inexpensive property market. The affordability of Portugal makes … Read more