Retire in Ecuador – Part I: Cost of Living, Climate and More

Cost of Living * Climate * Infrastructure How to retire in Ecuador: learn about cost of living, traveling the country with public transport, Internet availability and the Ecuador climate. Cost of Living Gary Scott, an Internet entrepreneur and part time resident of Ecuador, calls the cost of living in Ecuador the “$700 Solution” – as this seems … Read more

Panama Retirement – Part III: Visa Requirements, Healthcare & More

Visa & Benefits * Health Care * Culture Panama retirement facts you should know: visa requirements, residency options, health care, culture and entertainment. Visa Requirements If you are from the U.S., Canada, Europe or many other countries you don’t need a visa to enter Panama. All you need is a passport that is at least … Read more

Nicaragua Retirement Tours: Live for Less in Nicaragua

Your Amazing Adventure Awaits! Relax and Enjoy Nicaragua… We’ll Take Care of Everything for You. Meet experts and expats. Explore places no tourist will go. Make professional contacts and friends. Get first hand information about residency, rentals, driving, language schools, volunteering, grocery shopping, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, hairdressers, and all the other daily life things that … Read more

Nicaragua Safety (With 2018 Update) | Retire to Nicaragua, Part 5

Questions around the safety in Nicaragua always arise when you talk to friends and family about retiring there. Isn’t the country ruled by a dictator? Is it politically stable? Those types of questions are understandable. After all, Daniel Ortega, the infamous Nicaraguan Sandinista leader, was re-elected in 2006, 2011 and again in 2016. After the … Read more