Nicaragua People and Culture | Retire in Nicaragua, Part 9

To learn more about the Nicaraguan people and immerse yourself in the country’s culture is an adventure in itself. When I meet other expats, they invariably ask me why I chose Nicaragua over all the other great countries to live or retire in. For me, it’s the people, above all else. Nicaraguans or “Nicas” are incredibly friendly … Read more

Nicaragua Facts: Internet & Transport – Retire in Nicaragua, Part 3

The quality of the infrastructure in terms of roads, transport by land, sea and air, and Internet access are some important Nicaragua facts to consider, whether you plan just a short term visit or an extended stay. Traveling to Nicaragua From United States, there are several major airlines like American Airlines, Delta, United, Avianca and … Read more

Nicaragua Education & Schools | Retire to Nicaragua, Part 4

Nicaragua has public schools, private schools (often bilingual) and private international schools. One of the weak points if you move or retire to Nicaragua with school-aged kids is the lack of secular, highly rated bilingual schools. All existing international schools are located in the capital Managua except one fairly new bi-lingual school in Granada. Educational spending … Read more

Malaysia My Second Home Program – Retire in Malaysia, Part 7

Visa requirements, residency rules, special programs like Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) and the benefits of these programs (as well as the costs) for potential retirees to Malaysia are complicated. Some might think unnecessarily complicated, but they are what they are. Let’s tackle them one at a time. Malaysia Visa Rules The first requirement for … Read more

Health Care in Colombia – Retire in Colombia, Part 8

By RetirePedia’s Roving Reporter Jim Veinot Health care in Colombia is vastly improved, since Bill 100, enacted in 1993, compared to what was available to the public before that. Accolades have been heaped upon the country for these improvements and in many ways the health care program in Colombia is very progressive. However, like most … Read more