Ecuador Climate – Retirement in Ecuador, Part 1

By RetirePedia’s Roving Reporter Jim Veinot “It is not uncommon to experience all “seasons” in the course of one day.” That’s a pretty accurate statement about the climate in Ecuador. However, when Ecuadorians talk about “seasons,” they refer to the distinction between months with less and more rainfall. Due to its location on the equator, temperatures stay … Read more

Costa Rica Safety Information for Foreigners – Retiring in Costa Rica, Part 5

Drawn to the tropical country by the pleasant all year round weather, the lower cost of living and better healthcare, the number of foreigners opting to retire in Costa Rica is rising. In deciding whether to follow the same path, one aspect you should consider is the level of safety in the country. Though Costa … Read more

Costa Rica Retirement, Part 6 – Rentals & Properties

Simplify your Costa Rica retirement research with our in-depth article about renting and buying property in Costa Rica. The good thing is that foreigners mostly have the same property ownership rights as locals. As with any foreign country, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules, process and fees, especially if you plan to make … Read more

Costa Rica Health Care – Retiring in Costa Rica, Part 8

Costa Rica’s health care system is considered one of the best and most advanced in Latin America and in the world. Both public and private healthcare institutions in the country employ state of the art medical equipment and highly trained medical professionals. Public Health Care The public Costa Rica health care system ran by the … Read more

Costa Rica Retirement Tours – The Best Way to Discover Costa Rica

You’ve spent hours researching Costa Rica online. You’ve read Moon’s Living Abroad in Costa Rica. You waded through hundreds of expat forum threads. Now you are sure: Costa Rica tops your list of potential retirement countries. What’s next? Book a flight and explore Costa Rica on your own? Or take a guided tour, led by the … Read more

Costa Rica Culture & Activities, Retiring in Costa Rica, Part 9

Having been part of the area colonized by the Spanish starting from the 15th century, Costa Rica and several other countries in the Americas have borrowed heavily from Spanish culture. Many aspects of Costa Rica culture including cuisine, customs and creative arts have Spanish influences. For anyone planning to retire in Costa Rica, understanding the … Read more

Colombia Internet & Transportation – Retire in Colombia, Part 3

Before you move to or even visit Colombia, you may want to know what to expect in terms of its infrastructure. Let’s take a look at getting there, getting around and staying connected. Flying to Colombia Ready to explore Colombia? Use the search box below to find the best flights… There are fifteen international airports in … Read more