Indoor Hobbies for Retirees on a Budget

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body — and vice versa. Today more than ever, our lives can seem over-consuming, even when we retire!

For this reason, I like to stay active both mentally and physically so I can take time to enjoy what my life has been leading to.

I don’t know about you, but keeping my planner full is how I’m happiest. Now, mind you, this doesn’t mean I’m working — in fact, quite the opposite.

I’m taking time to relax and reflect on things that

1) I haven’t tried before and

2) that matter most.

The best part about this visual I helped create is that you can stay active from your own home — whether in Tuscon, AZ or Nassau, Bahamas.

I’m sure you all agree homes are great places. They’re familiar, cozy and convenient.

Because of this, I created a guide on how to stay active as a senior member of society who are staying in.

We should all really be staying inside at the moment, but I strived to make it applicable no matter what. The best part is these fun projects/time-fillers save you money!

I’m a person that enjoys a good time, but it’s even better when you don’t cash out too much of our hard-earned dough, too.

First, I dive into creative ideas.

Back in the day, I was a saxophonist, but now I want to learn the clarinet. So what did I do? Picked one up and learned!

I think learning a musical instrument is one of the most fun ways to stay busy. Creativity always boosts my mood and it’s so fun along the way. I talk about other ideas like scrapbooking, photography and other crafts as well. Get your creativity on!

Next, I go into ways to be social.

I think this point is huge. My coffee drinking buddies and I have always said we’re each other’s reason we’re still here (and our lovely wives, of course).

Nowadays, it’s getting harder to meet in person, so I want to share some ways you can do that, too.

Online chess is great because you get the mental stimulation and social aspect when you FaceTime (trust me, it’s super easy).

Other social clubs can be great to talk about interests with like-minded individuals. It’s up to you, but we need to stay in touch as human beings.

You can read the full story I wrote here: Hobbies for Seniors on a Budget

The best part? They’re all incredibly affordable! I truly hope you find these useful and can live life with the utmost well being no matter what.

Stay safe and get active.