Retire On A Cruise And Sail Around The World

Retire on a Cruise Ship

Out of the 25 million passengers expected to sail on a cruise on 2019, one quarter will be over 60 years old. Sailing around on an all-inclusive cruise isn’t just a fun time out for retirees; more and more retirees are opting to live their lives at sea.

Why choose one dream destination for your retirement home if you can sail on a ship and visit any part of the world you want? If you like the idea of waking up every day to the sound of the sea, being taken care of by an attentive crew, and seeing the wide variety of places this world has to offer, then a cruise retirement could be just for you.

It is not as expensive as you might think it is, and you can even find a remote job or monetize a hobby to help cover the wages. Let’s explore why and when a cruise retirement might just be the perfect decision for you.

Types Of Cruise Retirement: The Cruise Condo

The appeal of a cruise is undeniable. It’s like an all-inclusive hotel that travels around the world. Retiring on a cruise is an increasing trend, but not all retirees want to do it the same way.

Some are comfortable making their retirement home in one ship’s cabin, and go on the same itinerary once and again, while others would rather shift from ship to ship and see different places.

Both options are valid but different. Cruise condos are more common among the wealthiest retirees; they tend to be available only for luxury cruises, and therefore, quite expensive. However, they have some advantages. People get to know the crew of the ship and even receive personalized attention. Also, they don’t need to spend time and energy searching for other cruises, going on transfers and arranging new itineraries.

The cheapest cruise condos are available for slightly over $150,000, but the most luxurious and expensive ones can reach $36 million.

An Alternative For The Adventurous: Ongoing Cruise Retirement

On the other hand, you have ongoing retirement. This is basically jumping from ship to ship. It’s more tiring and time-consuming because of all the research needed, but it does have its own set of advantages. Namely, you get to see new places and ships every time, so it’s perfect for retirees who become bored of routine.

Luckily, there are very handy free tools on the Internet to help you arrange your ship itineraries quite easily. Also, if you have family close to the coast or that can travel, you can invite them for short travel sections and share your cruise life with them. Since cruise retirement often keeps retirees away from their land-based relatives, bringing children and grandchildren on board is very important to keep the family together.

Living a whole year jumping from cruise to cruise can cost as much as $38,900, but you can find deals for as little as $65 a night.

Retiring on a cruise is a convenient, fun and cost-effective way to live out your later years. It does require careful planning, especially if you prefer the ongoing cruise option. But it does pay off, and many retirees enjoy fulfilling years on board.

More and more cruises offer convenient conditions for retirees, like high quality on-board medical attention and personalized services.

Do you feel that retirement life at sea is for you? Let me know in a comment. I would also love to hear from you if you have experience with the cruiseship lifestyle.

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