Planning to Retire Overseas: Is Nicaragua Your Best Choice

How to Retire Abroad Happier, Sooner and on Much Less than You Expected

Your life is about to change in a big way. You are going on an adventure called retirement, or you are already in it. And you are seriously considering making Nicaragua part of that adventure. I applaud you on your courage to turn your dream into reality.

But wait… are you really sure that Nicaragua is your best choice? Will you enjoy its climate, nature, culture and people? Will you get along without speaking Spanish? Will you have access to high quality healthcare? Will you easily find a place to rent or buy? How will you get around the country? Which region is the best for you to live in? What do you need for getting residency?

These, and many more, are the questions we address in Planning to Retire Overseas: Is Nicaragua Your Best Choice?

Of course, you could just wing it, hop on a plane and come here, hoping to find your way in a country where people are friendly, but rarely speak English.

Or, you could make it easier for you, and get yourself a proven roadmap for test-driving your Nicaragua retirement smoothly and confidently, like a pro!

Retire Overseas in Nicaragua eBook

This is a pretty thorough review of the process necessary to make an informed decision of whether or not to move to Nica or by extrapolation, anywhere else. The author takes the time to help you examine your motivations, goals and suggested outcomes.
– Jim Veinot, London, Ontario, Canada

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So, what exactly do you get with Planning to Retire Overseas: Is Nicaragua Your Best Choice ?

Here’s a sneak preview of your dream-to-reality roadmap:

  • We’ll first do a little test to see how high you score on the “retire abroad likelihood scale.” After all, it’s good to be as sure as you possibly can that you are not making a mistake by retiring overseas.
  • Next, I’ll briefly explain which criteria are important to consider when evaluating a potential retirement country, and why. Together we’ll then explore those nine criteria for Nicaragua.
  • After that, we’ll jump into the various regions of Nicaragua to determine which area would be the best fit for your individual situation and lifestyle wishes. Knowing beforehand what region suits you best saves you valuable time during your actual visit.
  • And then, it’s time to get serious with our proven 5-step plan for test-driving your retirement in Nicaragua.

Darrel Bushnell,

Overall, I thought it was a well written, well edited resource for people considering Nicaragua. I would recommend it to my readers.

Keep in mind, this quick start guide to retiring abroad in Nicaragua is the result of 6+ years of living here, of experiencing everything this country has to offer, good and bad, first hand. I moved here with my daughter and two suitcases in 2010, without speaking a word of Spanish, without having any local contacts except one American expat family that I had met over the Internet.

So, you see, if I can do it, you can too. Only that you have the huge advantage of being much better prepared, with all the vital information and a road map in your hands, in one conveniently downloadable up-to-date guide book.

But that’s not all. Together with the guide book, you’ll get…

A Special Bonus Download: Frequently Asked Questions about Retiring in Nicaragua

Over the years, I received many questions from my readers about every aspect of retirement in Nicaragua, from bugs to health insurance, from cars to vaccinations, from banks to volunteering.

You’ll find all these questions and the answers in the FAQ list that comes completely free with your copy of Planning to Retire Overseas: Is Nicaragua Your Best Choice?

And the best thing is that I will add Q&As to this list as they come in. So you’ll have access to an ever growing repertoire of answers that will make your move to Nicaragua even smoother.

That’s the beauty of a digital download, that you can update it easily and keep it current, contrary to a printed book.

Already living in Nicaragua for 4 years. I wondered if I could learn anything new. Your guide is excellent.
– Paul, Nicaragua

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Not Available Elsewhere: A Free 30 Minutes Call with Me

On top of the Planning to Retire Overseas: Is Nicaragua Your Best Choice? eBook and the free FAQ list, you’ll get a bonus that you won’t find anywhere else, guaranteed.

I offer you a 30 minute phone call with me, at no charge. You can ask me anything about retiring in Nicaragua, any concerns or worries you may have, any questions that you just weren’t able to find the answers to.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your back on high prices, a stressful way of life, and cold weather, now’s your chance. Reserve your copy of Planning to Retire Overseas: Is Nicaragua Your Best Choice? now.

I am so confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all this book includes and by all that Nicaragua has to offer, I’ll give you a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the information in our Nicaragua guide, contact me within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase immediately.

This is your best guide to one of the best places in the world to retire, and right now we’re offering it for just $17!!

With it, you’ll get…absolutely free…our Nicaragua FAQ list and a 30 minute phone call with me.

That’s a serious bargain for the amount of current, usable information you’re about to receive…especially considering that it could well be your roadmap to the most enjoyable…and affordable…retirement life you’ve ever imagined.

IMPORTANT: Both the guide and the bonus FAQ list are digital downloads. Immediately after purchase, you’ll receive an email with the download links. There is no printed version of the book.

Retire Overseas in Nicaragua eBook