Your Book Changed my Idea of Nicaragua

by Elaine Kiser
(Knoxville Tn. USA)

I really enjoyed your book. I still had a very negative idea of Nicaragua, ie gun running etc.

But after reading your book I plan to visit the country within the next year. Am planning to retire in 4-5 yrs. Or maybe before!

I thought your info was very succinct and complete.

The only suggestion I could think of is to include pictures of various other towns and communities that aren’t featured in your tour to give a more comprehensive offering to those of us who know literally nothing of Nicaragua.

Overall a great job! Thank you.

Comments for Your Book Changed my Idea of Nicaragua

Rating For retiring is advices stayng close to Managua
by: Leopoldo

For people retiring in Nicaragua I advice of choicing to stay on the outskirts of Managua because in case of emergency there are the only good hospitals for seroius medical care throughout the country.
Managua,Granada,Pochomill,Masachapa,Nindiri,Laguna de Apoyo, El Crucero are best sites for retiring.

Thank you Elaine!
by: Margit

Hi Elaine,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review of my eBook.

It’s wonderful to hear that it helped change your idea of Nicaragua. The country is so much better than its unfortunate reputation. You’ll see!

Great suggestion about including more information and pictures of other areas in Nicaragua. I’ll keep that in mind for the next version.

I look forward to welcoming you to my chosen home country.