How to Manage Medical Expenses in Retirement

by The Mesothelioma Center at (Orlando, Florida) Estimated Medical Expenses in Retirement A common mistake people make when planning for retirement is underestimating how much they’ll need saved for medical expenses. While Medicare is designed to insure adults ages 65 and older, it falls short in many coverage areas — placing more financial burden … Read more

Guide to Dividend Investing

Guide to Dividend Investing   An interesting new e-book on dividend investing has recently been published. While there are a number of books available that cover dividend income investing these are almost all exclusively aimed at US investors. The new 90-page Guide to Dividend Investing is especially aimed at UK and expat savers, investors and (future) … Read more

Funding Your Retirement with Real Estate Investments

by Ali James The AARP suggests that people have a ‘nest egg’ equal to 10-12 times their usual income before retiring. As the majority of us do not have near that figure available, generating income during retirement has become increasingly necessary. Investing in real estate has long been recognized as a means to get ahead of the … Read more

Downsizing Your Home Upon Retiring? Consider These Things

With the average retirement costing retirees upwards of $50,000 per year, it’s no surprise that cutting costs is a big part of financial retirement planning. Some start budgeting on groceries, perhaps cut the kids off from the payroll, or maybe they even decide to retire somewhere where they can get more bang for their buck—like Ecuador or Costa … Read more