The Coldest City in Arizona

Arizona is known for its scorching temperatures and arid deserts. In Phoenix, the average temperature in July is a searing 106 degrees. If you are looking for the coldest city in Arizona, Flagstaff is it. From a summer refuge from the heat to winter skiing, Flagstaff defies the stereotypes about Arizona weather. Arizona’s Below Zero … Read more

5 Best Places To Live in Northern Arizona

Sunshine, mountains, snow, and breathtaking scenery – northern Arizona has four beautiful seasons. In addition to its natural beauty, Arizona also boasts many spas, restaurants, resorts, unique shops, and more. Moreover, you will find no shortage of festivals, concerts, and various events in Arizona. That’s why many are choosing to relocate to northern Arizona. Whether … Read more

5 Best Places to Live in Southern California

Southern California is one of the most liveable places in the country thanks to its Mediterranean-esque climate, big cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, and the influence of many different cultures making an exciting food, music and art scene.  If you grew up in a place with a real winner, the perpetual sunshine of … Read more