Smoky Mountains Tennessee
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Best Places To Retire in Tennessee

Home to mild temperatures, rich culture, and natural beauty, Tennessee is one of the best places to retire. With low housing prices and the peacefulness of a rural setting, many retirees are Making Tennessee their ….

fresno skyline
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Best Places To Retire in California 

California is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes, including its beaches, mountains, and deserts. But it’s also beloved for its many attractions, cities, and diverse communities. For these reasons, it’s a popular choice for retirees. But ….

San Juan port
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Living in Puerto Rico

With the advent of remote working and the modern digital economy, more and more people are considering leaving their home country and working in a different location. If you are one of these people, then ….

villages bridge with partly cloudy skies
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Weather in The Villages, Florida

The Villages are located in central Florida. It offers retirement living options for people 55 and older, with over 3,000 recreation options. There are 13 primary sections to The Villages, and each has its own ….

Greensboro North Carolina
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Best Places To Retire in North Carolina 2023

Among the many great states in this beautiful nation, there are plenty of incredible places to retire–whether you love the crystal seas of the Atlantic Ocean, the golden fields of the midwest, or the misty ….

city skyline in Washington State
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Best Places to Retire in Washington State 2023 Guide

When most people think of retirement, they probably imagine sitting on the beach, relaxing in year-round sunny weather. Many people probably picture their retirement on the beaches of Florida or in the mountains of Arizona.  ….

moving to Florida sign on a beach
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Moving to Florida: Is It Right for You?

If you’re considering relocating to another state, you might be like hundreds of thousands of other transplants and are considering a move to Florida. The Sunshine State consistently ranks as one of the top states ….

view of Phoenix Arizona from mobile home community
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Top 12 Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Arizona for 2023

Retirement can be a stressful time, especially if you’re looking for a new place to live. A mobile home retirement community probably isn’t the first place on your mind, but these communities can offer you ….

affordable golfing in Florida
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Affordable Retirement Communities in Florida

Our Retirement Communities in Florida For retirees and people getting close to retirement age along the East Coast, the ultimate dream is to be able to spend your golden years enjoying the warm climate of ….

electricity running at trailer park at night
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How Much Does it Cost to Live in a Trailer Park?

Have you ever considered the costs of moving to a trailer park?  They aren’t what they used to be. Over 20 million Americans live in trailer park communities. Stricter safety codes and new manufacturing techniques ….