How to Get Married in Cuba

Are you thinking about getting married in Cuba? How about marrying on one of Cuba’s quiet white beaches, such as Varadero or Cayo Santa Maria at sunset, or in a French colonial church in the heart of Havana?  How would you like to feel like a celebrity while touring through town in a vintage Cuban … Read more

Is Peloton Good for Seniors? 5 Things to Know

The Peloton craze has taken the world by storm. A solid product, combined with a unique “live online class” angle and a sudden increase in people working remotely, helped Peleton jump to the top of its game. Peloton combines an indoor exercise bike with a large touchscreen and an online account that lets you interact … Read more

Fishing in Seychelles: 8 Species of Fish and Trip Planning Tips

The waters that surround Seychelles are one of the richest fishing grounds on the planet. This area attracts thousands of international sport and recreational fishermen each year who are keen to enjoy one of the world’s best fishing experiences. The diversity of fish species found in this part of the world is amazing. Anglers can … Read more

The Boom Nicaragua: The Area’s Ultimate Surf Experience

Fast-paced, stimulating, fun in the sun- yes, yes, and yes, please! The Boom, located in Northern Nicaragua, is quickly rising to the spotlight and becoming recognized as a world-class surf destination for experienced riders. Some of the most massive, fastest, barreling, A-frame waves are at The Boom, waiting for surfers to take advantage of the … Read more

Retirement is Meant to be Fun

by Jacob Merkley (Gilbert, AZ, USA) I am retired. Goodbye tension. Hello pension! Introduction I don’t know about you, but my retirement is going to be fun. I’m talking beaches, traveling, spending time with family, and then doing it all over again. I may also enjoy some game time (shout out to all the canasta … Read more

Retirement Hobbies That Make Money AND Keep You Young

What’s one of the smartest things you can do when retiring abroad? Find a retirement hobby that keeps life exciting AND makes you money! Here are some tried and tested suggestions for you… Teach English Take & Sell Photos Become a Travel Guide Become a Freelance Writer Participate in Branding Contests Earn Money Locally or Remotely on … Read more