Costa Rica Retirement Tours – The Best Way to Discover Costa Rica

Costa Rica beach
Dominical Beach, one of the beautiful beaches you'll explore during the Pacific Beach Tour.

You’ve spent hours researching Costa Rica online. You’ve read Moon’s Living Abroad in Costa Rica. You waded through hundreds of expat forum threads. Now you are sure: Costa Rica tops your list of potential retirement countries.

What’s next? Book a flight and explore Costa Rica on your own? Or take a guided tour, led by the most read authority and number one expert on relocation and retirement tours in Costa Rica?

Meet Christopher Howard – Founder of Costa Rica Retirement Tours

Christopher Howard has lived in Costa Rica for more than 35 years. Due to his expertise about living, working and investing in Costa Rica as an expat, he’s a much sought after speaker at seminars and conferences, and has published several best-selling books.

In 1997, he began to offer his Costa Rica relocation and retirement tours. His tours are the only ones approved by the Costa Rican government’s Tourism Institute (ICT).

The friendly guy in the back, with the hat and blue shirt, that’s Christopher Howard, among some “Happy Campers” during the April 2016 tour.

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What’s So Special About the Costa Rica Retirement Tours?

Let’s hear from previous tour participants to answer that question…

I went home with a comprehensive idea of just what it would mean to retire to Costa Rica. There is no way I could have achieved this under my own steam.  Christopher Howard speaks Spanish fluently, has an easy-going attitude, a great sense of humor, a comfortable familiarity with the local ‘Ticos’ and he was able to open doors that would otherwise have remained closed to me. He helped place Costa Rica at the top of our retirement choices.
– Gerry McKenna

For anyone seriously considering a move to Costa Rica I would highly recommend taking one of Christopher’s tours. We took a combined beach and central valley tour. The knowledge and information we received was incredibly valuable and covered both the positives and challenges if one were to take on a move to Costa Rica. Like many things in life, the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know yet. […] I can’t imagine trying to move to Costa Rica or any other foreign country without having taken a tour like this and gaining all the contacts we now have.
– Steve Katz

If you are thinking about relocating to Costa Rica this trip is a must. Trying to acquire this depth of knowledge on your own would be virtually impossible. Chris brings his 35+ years of living and touring throughout Costa Rica to bear. He knows the best people, the best hotels and the best restaurants. He is fluent in the language and the culture and everywhere we went he was known and greeted as a friend.

The decision to move overseas is a life-altering one and should be as well-informed as possible. Whether this tour confirms your desire to move to Costa Rica or sways you to look elsewhere, it will be money well spent.
– Dave & Debbie Lugin

What You Get When You Go on a Tour with Christopher Howard

Christopher offers three tour packages, designed for retirees and boomers considering Costa Rica as their future retirement homeAll tours include a two-day seminar where experts talk about all aspects of retirement, living and relocating to Costa Rica (health care, cost of living, housing, real estate, getting residency, and more).

Combination Tour – The Most Complete & Popular Costa Rica Retirement Tour

You aren’t sure yet whether you’d rather live in the Central Valley or along the Pacific Coast? Christopher’s Combination Tour’s got you covered!

This is the most complete and popular Costa Rica retirement tour. It’s your best option to get to know all of the great places where you could possibly settle down.

You’ll see just what you need to help you decide about the ideal lifestyle for you – the beach or Central Valley. The extra time on this tour provides a perfect mix of sightseeing, interesting activities, seeing expats’ homes and properties and meeting some nice people along the way.

On this 10 day tour you’ll see the best of both worlds and gain the proper perspective since it combines the itineraries of the Pacific Beach Tour with the Central Valley Tour. You are sure to find out if the beach or inland area is right for you.

Contact Christopher Howard to learn more about his popular Combination Tour.

The city of San Isidro el General is your first stop on the way from San José to Dominical Beach.

Central Valley Tour

This tour is perfect for you if you’ve decided that Costa Rica’s Central Valley is your preferred living area. You’ll get to see and experience all of San Jose’s suburbs such as Escazu, Cariari, Santa Ana, Alajuela and Heredia and the outlying areas that include Grecia, San Ramón and Atenas.

This is a 5 day tour with the option to shorten to 2 days if you’ve already taken the seminar or are pressed for time.

Contact Christopher Howard to learn more about the Central Valley Tour.

An expat’s home under construction just outside of the City of San Ramón.

Pacific Beach Tour*

You’re a beach lover and can’t imagine anything better than spending your golden years in a home overlooking the ocean? Then Christopher Howard’s Pacific Beach Tour is the tour for you.

During the 7 day tour you’ll get to know the Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal beach areas in the Southern Pacific as well as Jacó Beach along the Central Pacific coast.

*SPECIAL NOTE from Christopher Howard: Many who choose to take this tour state at its conclusion that they should have signed up for the Combination Tour and stayed two more days in order to become familiar with the Central Valley. Even though you may not want to live in the Central Valley you need to know about the medical facilities, shopping, cultural events, etc.

Contact Christopher for details about the Pacific Beach Tour.

Dominical Beach, one of the beautiful beaches you’ll explore during the Pacific Beach Tour.

So, are the Costa Rica retirement tours the best way to discover Costa Rica? Hands down, they are, IF you are serious about relocating to or retiring in Costa Rica. If you just want to go for a casual visit, you’d be better off going on your own or booking one of the many vacation packages.

To sum it up, let’s hear what Cheryl Dodd Baldwin and Mary Ellen Finerty from the November 2015 tour have to say about their experience…

Christopher and his staff took complete care of us, and went above and beyond. Enough cannot be said for his expert knowledge of the country, organization, professionalism, and dedication. He takes you places on the tours that you would never see as a tourist, or on your own. We left the tour with professional contacts, knowledge and information that will make our move to Costa Rica much easier.

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