10 Pros and Cons of Living in Apollo Beach, Florida

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Ah, Florida – the home of mild winters, hot summers, lazy days at the beach, and sizzling nights out on the town. It’s no surprise that the state is a constant favorite for vacationers, but those contemplating a permanent move have to consider a wider variety of factors. If you’re interested in relocating to Apollo Beach, for instance, here are some of the area’s qualities you might want to weigh in your decision-making process.

1. PRO- A Solid Real Estate Investment

Purchasing a home in a given community requires many considerations. Is the price right? Do you like the neighborhood? How would that home fit into the rest of your life? But one question homebuyers too rarely consider is what kind of return they can expect from such an investment. 

In Apollo Beach, real estate appreciation has been steady. The median sale price of a home increased over 29 percent in 2021, while average days on the market dropped by over 30 percent. If you’re looking for a house that can be a home that yields dividends, Apollo Beach is a great location to consider.

2. CON- Serious Market Competition

While real estate trends in Apollo Beach have made buying a house there a sound investment, they have also made the area very competitive for those not there yet. With prices increasing and inventory dwindling, finding the home that’s right for you at a price point that works with your current financial situation might be a challenge.

3. PRO- A Robust Educational System

Apollo Beach is an excellent place to settle if you’re looking to make sure your children have an educational advantage in life. With the highest concentration of top-performing public schools in Florida and consistently higher than state average proficiencies in math and reading among their students, the Hillsborough County Public School District is an exceptional option for young minds.

If you’re looking for schooling choices outside of the public system, Waterset Charter School, Southshore Montessori Pre-School, and Kids R Kids Learning Academy are several other fantastic options.

4. CON- Not a Great Rental Market

More than 75 percent of homes in Apollo Beach are owner-occupied, leaving a low inventory of single-family homes available for rent. Moreover, the price for renting a single-family home is higher in Apollo Beach than it is in surrounding areas. Though there are still apartments available for rent, families looking for a bit more space might find the strain on their pocketbooks to be too much.

5. PRO – Excellent Fishing

Apollo Beach may be an appealing destination if your happy place involves open water and a pole. Toss in a line and pull out everything from mackerel to grouper and even a few species of sharks! No gear of your own? No problem. Groups like Tampa Fishing Academy and Charters offer you the guidance and tools necessary to have a wonderful deep sea fishing experience.

6. PRO – Sensational Restaurants

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For the foodies in the crowd, Apollo Beach can seem like heaven. Their renowned Circles Waterfront offers both indoor fine dining and tables right on the water, making it an all-season and all-weather favorite. The Tampa Tribune has routinely showered the restaurant with accolades, including best fine dining, best steak house, best happy hour, and best seafood in the Tampa Bay area. 

Couples looking for a romantic night out need to look no further than The Vineyards Trattoria and Pizzeria. The classic Italian restaurant offers a wide array of traditional meals made with the freshest ingredients at a good price, pairing the delicious entrees with an impressive assortment of wine, cocktails, and beers. Its elegant interior will have you and your paramour swooning across the table at one another.

If you’re craving Asian cuisine, you have to check out E Sushi & Grill. Proximity to the water means you’re getting the freshest fish available, and the creative presentation will have you wondering if your plate should be eaten or displayed in a museum. With sleek, modern decor and wonderful service, it’s a must-visit restaurant for the area.

7. CON – Few Local Employment Options

While Apollo Beach is a relatively wealthy community, the majority of that wealth is not generated in town. You might be able to find some importance in the small retail space known as Paradise Shoppes, but most career positions will be found in nearby Tampa. The average commute for those living in the area is roughly 30 minutes.

8. PRO – Plenty of Nature to Explore

Maybe you’re a fan of long hikes. Perhaps you’ve got a soft spot for wildlife. No matter how you like to explore the great outdoors, Apollo Beach has plenty of options. Check out the 63-acre Apollo Beach Nature Preserve and traverse winding nature trails, troll for nibbles with some exciting shoreline fishing, and stretch out with a picnic on picturesque sandy beaches. The preserve’s beach is actually one of the few in the state to allow for dogs so that you can bring your furry friend with you.

Want to get a glimpse of one of nature’s biggest sea mammals? Head over to the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center to learn more about sea cows and see them in their natural habitat. There you’ll be able to visit the observation deck and view dozens of manatees swimming about before diving into an educational experience regarding their home and habits, including an opportunity to actually touch a manatee skeleton. 

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9. CON – Poor Public Transportation

If you’re planning on living in Apollo Beach, you might want to invest in your own mode of transportation. Only three buses run through the area, and their schedule is scattered enough that it’s not a great option when you need to get somewhere in a hurry. Though the downtown area is easily walkable, getting around the town as a whole or to the more populated Tampa area will require different arrangements.

10. PRO – A Lively Bar Scene

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Apollo Bay is certainly not known as a party town, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome ways to kick back and have a good time. If you’re looking for a high-brow way to unwind, sip on a Bordeaux or Chardonnay at the Apollo Beach Society Wine Bar while you enjoy one of their signature small plates in a relaxed atmosphere. More of a beer person? Their selection of craft brews is second to none.

If you’re a fan of traditional beach bars, you can’t go wrong with the Salty Shamrock. Open-air seating covered by a vine-draped roof is paired with delectable oceanside pub grub and reasonably priced booze for a laid-back night on the town. They’re constantly hosting special events, from football watch parties to live music and more. You can check out their Facebook page for updates on the latest happenings.

Most notable of all is Tiki Bay Island. The 2400-square-foot floating bar is the place to be for music, dancing, and strong drinks. They can float you on over to Beer Can Island as well for some beach time partying.

Need a little hair of the dog that bit you? Head on over to Latitudes. From massive bowl drinks to their famous bloody mary bar, they can help you stave off that hangover a little bit longer while you munch on artisan food creations.

Is Apollo Beach Right for You?

Moving to a new town can present a great many challenges. Before you even begin to tackle budgets and logistics, you have to ensure the town itself is a good fit for you. Picturesque Apollo Beach can provide you with a slew of benefits, but the small town isn’t a great fit for everyone. 

As you weigh your options, make sure you at least take the time to visit. This can give you a clearer perspective on what life there is like, but regardless of what your decision is in the end, you won’t regret your time there.

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