15 Pros and Cons of Living in Cyprus

Aerial photo from a mountain in Cyprus looking over the city and sea below

Island life is a dream for many people. The vision of waking up to waves lapping a sandy beach and the smell of saltwater in the air is the definition of goals for plenty of individuals.

Living in Cyprus has many benefits, but it’s not all sunshine and happiness. Unfortunately, not all of your days will be spent in a lounge chair with a fruity drink, and it’s vital to get the complete picture of what you can expect with a life on the island of Cyprus.

Before taking the leap to island living, take the time to read through the 15 pros and cons of living in Cyprus that we provide in this article.

10 Pros of Living in Cyprus

Any Google image search will show you many reasons to relocate to an exotic island, notably Cyprus. Here are some of the top benefits when considering a move to the location:

1. Enjoying Picturesque Beaches

With the island’s location on the Mediterranean Sea, you automatically think of the translucent water accompanying miles of golden sand. That exact image has appeared in calendar pictures for years.

Having the chance to see all that in person will take your breath away. Not only that, but you will think you have died and gone to Heaven. For that reason, one of the top benefits of living in Cyprus is the easy access to drool-worthy scenery.

2. Taking Advantage of a Low Cost of Living

Surprisingly, the island of Cyprus has a relatively low cost of living compared to other island locations. In fact, rent alone is almost 50% less than the average cost in the United States.

When you live in an affordable area, your finances can stretch further. With the ability to spend less, you reduce the amount of stress that comes with making ends meet. All of this will depend on your salary level and other expenses, but the cost of living reduction can impact the quality of life.

3. Having English as a Primary Language

Many people fear moving to a foreign country because of the possibility of a language barrier. However, this is not a cause for concern for those looking to live in Cyprus.

With roots as a British colony, many locals speak English fluently as their first language. Although accents may differentiate, you will easily be able to interact with neighbors, store owners, and people you meet on the beach.

4. Enjoying a Laid-Back Atmosphere

A young lady is relaxing on a rocky shore

Time has a different meaning when it comes to life in Cyprus. Relaxation and time with family are prioritized on the island. Additionally, the actions of those who live and work there reflect that motive.

You will immediately see this come through in the closing times of many island shops, which are earlier than you typically see elsewhere. Few things are tended to in an urgent matter unless it is absolutely required. For those living in Cyprus, island time is prioritized above all else.

5. Being Among Less Pollution

With Cyprus being an island with very little heavy industry, pollution levels are much lower than in other areas of the world. Coupling this with the natural seawater makes the island ideal for those looking to escape poor air quality.

The seawater surrounding the island is so clean that the European Environment Agency has rated the water excellent in bathing levels. 95% of the water areas in Cyprus were rated as such in the agency’s 2019 report.

6. Having Low Crime Levels

Living in Cyprus will afford you a feeling of security, as the island has very little crime. Of the crime that does take place, very few are violent in nature. Compared to other locations in Europe, Cyprus is has a higher safety rating.

Officials on the island pay close attention to the details surrounding the crimes that do occur in the area. Therefore, they can pinpoint situations and places that are more susceptible and pass the information on to residents.

7. Work Opportunities are Plentiful

Due to low tax rates, many companies are choosing to relocate their offices and headquarters to the island paradise of Cyprus. Therefore, residents can take advantage of the low cost of living and copious employment options.

Additionally, many organizations are allowing for remote work. Having the ability to work from anywhere makes relocating easier. Many employees can complete their work duties with simple internet access, making an international move more feasible.

8. Access to High-Quality Healthcare

For those who are permanent residents on the island, basic healthcare is free through paid taxes. The public hospitals on the island are highly rated and offer many specialties and seasoned medical professionals.

There are also several private hospitals on the island, which are also of superior standing. Cyprus has gained notoriety for medical tourism due to the high-quality care and affordable price. The combination allows individuals to couple a vacation with medical procedures without sacrificing on either end.

9. Enjoying Perfect Weather

A woman holds a young child while standing on a beach, the sun is setting in the background

For those who love sunshine and would bask in it every day if able, Cyprus is the spot for you. The island country experiences 300 to 340 sunny days each year. In the winter months, the lowest temperature drop is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, you can expect to see daily temperatures of 86 to 91 degrees.

The amount of rainfall that you have will depend on what region of Cyprus you reside in. However, the rain typically only occurs between October and April. The highest levels will happen in the mountains.

10. Utilizing High-Speed Internet

You wouldn’t typically think that an island would have top-notch communication technology, complete with superior internet services. Most people view tropical islands as remote and off the grid instead of highly connected.

However, Cyprus is just that. With the large number of international companies moving on to the island, broadband capabilities have expanded. Not only does this benefit the corporations and organizations located on the island, but the residents as well. Having a solid infrastructure for the internet and technology allows for better opportunities across the island.

5 Cons of Living in Cyprus

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect country. This sentiment applies to the beautiful island of Cyprus as well. With that, here are some of the most common deficits that come with living in Cyprus.

11. Having Low Salaries

Although the cost of living in Cyprus is relatively low, the wages that residents earn in local employment positions leave much to be desired. The country doesn’t have a minimum wage, but it does have required salaries for specific jobs (retail, daycare), which amount to a little over $1,000 per month.

Unfortunately, the rate of pay is even lower for those who hold employment in agriculture. An average farmworker who does not receive food or accommodations as part of their pay will earn a minimum of $900 each month for full-time employment.

12. Lacking Variety in Shopping Options

With its island location, Cyprus does not have a wide variety of stores and shopping options for residents or visitors. Many of the stores are independently owned and do not carry a wide variety of products for sale. Although the amount is growing, you will not find many chain retail stores on the island.

Additionally, the price tag associated with imported goods can be elevated due to the complexity of getting them to the island. Clothing that isn’t made locally comes at a premium, as well as shoes and designer goods.

13. Struggling with Limited Flights

A man is in an airport, staring at the airplane board

Traveling to Cyprus isn’t difficult, but it isn’t as simple as jetting off to other destinations. Flights do come into the island continuously, but with much less frequency than what locations on the mainland experience.

The flexibility that many are accustomed to when it comes to air travel comes to a halt when flying to Cyprus. When making arrangements, it is essential to seek availability and times to ensure that everything aligns with your desired arrival time and hotel accommodations.

14. Experiencing a Difference In Activities Offered

When you think of Cyprus, you think of non-stop outdoor fun. From boating to snorkeling, many excursions and activities are viewed as a consistent staple for permanent residents of the island. However, this is not always the case.

Cyprus is a country that has a high level of tourism. Therefore, many of the unique activities that the island has been promoted and offered during busy months of travel. However, once tourism dies down, so does the liveliness of the island. The owners and operators of the attractions pack up and close up shop until the next travel season arrives. Not only are few opportunities available to tourists during this time, but the same occurs for residents.

Some who live on the island full time are fine with the change in activities offered, but others find it difficult to stay entertained during the off-season due to changing weather conditions.

15. Coping with High Individual Tax Rates

Although the country offers many incentives for corporations and businesses looking to relocate to the island, the same cannot be said for residents. At the same time, it is true that tax dollars fund such programs as health care benefits for permanent citizens. However, the amount that individuals must part with to make that a reality is quite staggering.

For an average person who resides in Cyprus, their tax responsibility can amount to 35% of their pay. For a country with no minimum wage and only a guaranteed salary amount (of a low amount) in certain professions, this can create a hardship. It is beneficial to have a low cost of living on the island, as it allows residents the ability to have adequate housing even with low wages and high taxes.

In Conclusion

The image of a life in paradise has many benefits that can easily draw in those searching for the perfect escape to a tropical island retreat destination. What drawbacks can there possibly be with constant sunshine, beautiful and clean water, and miles upon miles of undisturbed sand?

Although there are many advantages to living in the country of Cyprus, there are drawbacks as well. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect, and Cyprus is no exception to the rule.

Before taking the leap to relocate to the beautiful island country, be sure to review the pros and cons highlighted in this guide. It is best to be well informed before making such a big decision.

For those who have made a move, what are your thoughts? Do you have anything to add to our list that others should take into consideration?


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