5 Best Golf Carts for Retirement Communities

women on a golf cart

If you live in a retirement community, you may be on the lookout for a golf cart. Golf carts tend to be popular due to the convenience and ease of use for older people.

After reading this article, you should feel comfortable on the topic and perhaps ready to invest in a golf cart for your retirement community. In the end, we will showcase the five best golf carts for mobile home retirement communities and explain why they have that title.

Benefits of Having a Golf Cart in Your Retirement Community

The list is quite long when it comes to the benefits of having a golf cart available for use in your retirement community. There is mobility, they are easy to use, tend to be fuel-efficient, and have low maintenance.

Mobility-wise, golf carts are a great option when traveling short distances. Especially since they can move quicker than some people can walk. This allows people to reach an event being held, a golf course, and more in a timelier manner.

Golf carts are easy to use and operate. Since they only involve a few steps, anyone can operate one without having to worry about going too quick or not being able to fit anywhere. To move a golf cart, you just need to turn it on, press down on the pedal, and use the wheel to maneuver around.

Fuel-wise, golf carts can typically go around five to twenty miles before they need to be charged or refueled, depending on the brand and model. Which can take quite a while to accomplish if it is only being used for shorter distances on a regular basis.

A big pro to keep in mind for golf carts is that they are low maintenance. Depending on the brand, model, customizations, and the state of the cart (new or used), the price can range anywhere from five hundred to twenty thousand dollars. Repairs tend to cost less though, since they are smaller vehicles and individual parts are relatively inexpensive as well.

Cons of Owning a Golf Cart

Like any product, golf carts also have a number of cons to take into consideration. Such as difficulty determining the battery level on electric ones, they take a while to fully charge, and no golf carts work well on hills.

Unless you have an onboard charger, that is purchased separately, that can determine your cart’s charge, it can be quite difficult to know when it will run out. Unless you have the charger, you may be anxious not knowing when the cart will die or if you have enough charge to make it to the event tonight. Especially if it is a golf cart shared among a group of people rather than being a personal one.
It can take anywhere from eight to ten hours to fully charge your cart’s batteries. This can be a hindrance if you are in a time crunch and did not realize that it was about to die. The best way to handle it is to try and charge it overnight whenever possible to avoid running out of charge unexpectantly.

If your retirement community has any hills, then you may have to go the long way around. Golf carts are known to be a bit troublesome going uphill, especially if there is a steep slope or it faces resistance.

Are Gas Golf Carts Better Than Electric for Retirement Communities?

While it may come as a surprise to some people, electric golf carts tend to be better for retirement communities. They tend to be the lowest maintenance type of golf cart, they glide across flat terrain, and you do not need to buy gas for them.
Due to them not requiring gas, you just need to regularly plug it in to charge, and you are good to go. If you are worried about knowing the level of charge it’s at when being used, you can invest in an onboard charger. You do not need to worry about driving to get gas or keeping some on hand to use.
When it comes to flat terrain, electric carts are quiet and smooth. You do not need to worry about them making any loud or distracting noises as gas carts tend to do. Some retirement communities do not even allow electric carts for that very reason.

What Are Some Top Brands of Golf Carts?
So, who sells golf carts, and which ones are most popular? Nowadays there are many different manufacturers and brands that it can be hard to know which one to buy.
The top golf cart brands in no specific order are Yamaha, Garia, Polaris, E-Z-Go, Cushman, and Club Car. These brands offer customizations, the best safety precautions, high-quality parts and equipment, and more that have earned them this title.
When looking for your first or next golf cart, you should check out these brands first. They come highly rated and are well known for many reasons.

How Long Do Golf Carts Last?

Since you can be spending a good chunk of money on a golf cart, it must be able to last you for years as it is such an investment. So just how long will a cart last you on average?

When properly taken care of and maintained, golf carts can last up to ten years. Gas carts require less maintenance than electric ones on average because they have fewer features, and their engines last longer.

Electric engines typically get up to 4,000 miles before they need to be replaced. A major reason electric carts are switched out though, is because the owner wants a newer model with nicer features than what they currently have.

5 Great Golf Carts for Retirement Communities

1. Yamaha Adventurer Super Hauler

This golf cart can go up to 19 mph, allowing people to reach their location in a timely manner. It also comes with a cargo bed that is seventy inches long and can hold more than seven hundred pounds, depending on the type.
It comes with a standard two-year warranty to ensure that it is the type of cart you want and it can withstand years of use. It carries up to twenty-two liters or five-point eight gallons of gas, allowing you to travel across the community a few times before you need to refill it.

Moves fast, reaching up to 19 mph
Large cargo bed for storage
Needs at least a 14.4-foot area in order to turn
Can only seat two people at a time

2. Club Car Onward

Made by Club Car, this golf cart offers a variety of features such as a high-powered motor and an electronic controller to help with hill climbing, torque, performance, and more. This allows you to get more out of your golf cart on a regular basis.

It comes with a maintenance-free battery that has a six-year warranty. This allows you to not stress over your battery dying or not working to its full potential. A big perk as batteries tends to be expensive to replace and are vital to ensuring that your cart is running properly. There are gas or electric models available to fit your preference and needs as well.

Six-year battery warranty
Customizable drive modes to choose from Econ, Normal, and Sports
Customize to seat two or four people
Has four color options
Seats a maximum of four people

3. E-Z-Go Express S4

This cart can seat four people at a time and can reach speeds of up to 17 mph, allowing you to get around quicker. It can also carry up to five-point eight gallons making it ideal for any long-distance traveling you may need to do. Or you can go for long periods of time without needing to refill the tank.
Shock absorbers installed allow you to remain comfortable and relaxed in the cart. The rear seats are also convertible, which allows it to carry up to eight hundred pounds at a time, which is perfect if you need to move items around.

Reaches speeds of 17 mph
Additional capacity is available when the back seats are down
Energy efficient
Only a handful of customizations can be made
Seats only four people

4. Garia Via

The Garia Via is a great option as it offers a number of different customizations, whether that be better parts or accessories. It also comes in different models, the two-seater or the four-seater, and sizes to fit your needs. An electric golf cart option that has a long-lasting battery life, enabling you to enjoy longer rides.
It can also be used on any street as it qualifies as a street-legal car due to its turn signals and windshield. This enables it to be multipurpose as it can take you around the community or to the grocery store if needed.

High-quality parts and accessories
Long-lasting battery life
Has a higher price tag due to it being street legal
Limited storage space

5. Cushion Shuttle 6

This specific cart seats six people at a time, allowing it to be versatile and useful for transportation. It can carry up to a thousand and two hundred pounds at a time and takes six gallons of gas. This enables you to drive around without having to worry about refueling for a while or an entire round of golf.

It also comes in two- or four-seater options enabling you to choose the perfect option for your needs. If you do not fill the cart, you can use any extra room to tote around your equipment or anything that needs to be moved.

Can seat six people
Holds over a thousand pounds at a time
Weather optional accessories can be added to the cart, making it perfect for any season
Only comes in blue
Can be expensive due to the size

Final Thoughts

Consider these answers, brands, and options the next time you consider or need to purchase a golf cart for your retirement community. There are some great options available among a variety of different price ranges and with different features.