Best Places To Retire in Delaware

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Are you considering the best places to retire in Delaware? The coastal New England state is ideal for retirement, whether you like busting cities or tranquil villages near state parks.

Retirees can enjoy close-knit communities, secluded villages, or convenient suburbs in Delaware, depending on their needs. Indulge in local seafood cuisine, hike in the nature preserves, or get involved at golf clubs or historical societies.

Whether you’re actively searching for the ‘best places in Delaware to retire 2023’ or are just considering the place, this article is for you. We’ve done our research and are ready to bring you a comprehensive round-up of the best places to retire in the state.

We’ll discuss places ideal for retirees, considering factors like home prices, weather, and retiree-friendly activities. Read on to discover the best places in Delaware to retire!


Milton is a charming town in Sussex County, about 15 minutes from the coast. It’s a small community with a laid-back culture, affordable real estate, and proximity to national reserves and state forests.

The town has a varied climate, with summers ranging from the 60s to 80s Fahrenheit and winters below 40 degrees most days. The forests next to Milton turn brilliant colors during fall, and it doesn’t snow much in winter. Milton is ideal if you want to feel all four seasons but avoid intense weather.

Milton’s population is just over 3,000, giving the place a quaint town feel. It’s a relaxed place, and you’ll meet other retirees. However, it’s also a family-friendly town known for its top schools, giving Milton a youthful energy.

If you’re interested in outdoor activities, Milton is the place. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is just minutes away, boasting 10,000+ acres of natural wetlands. Go hiking, fishing, or canoeing any time of the year.

lake dock in Delare
Delaware Lakes

Milton is also excellent for seniors who like golfing. The Rookery Golf Course is by the wildlife refuge and has beautiful scenery. Or, go outside the city limits and play at the Stenger’s Shamrock Farms Par 3 Golf Course.

Rehoboth Beach

Consider moving to Rehoboth Beach for your retirement. One of the best places in Delaware to retire, it’s a coastal town bordering a bay in southern Delaware.

Rehoboth Beach is a hamlet of 1,300 people featuring a beachside country club, a state park, and many top restaurants and sights. Despite the small size, the town has a bustling urban feel. Go to the park in the summer for free band concerts, or head inside and check out the history museum.

The weather in Rehoboth Beach is sunny and bright, ideal for days at the beach. It’s temperate year-round, dipping into the 30s and 40s only from November to February.

Feel safe in this beachside town with a relatively low crime rate, cozy residential neighborhoods, and numerous quiet areas like the community park. The beach is the most popular place for a gathering, so start a weekend ritual and take a picnic to the beach with friends or family.

It’s easy to settle in and become part of the Rehoboth Beach community. Participate in annual events like the Kite Festival, Gumbo Crawl, Women’s Fest, and seasonal farmer’s market. Or, engage your creative side and sign up for a writer’s workshop or artist camp.


Wilmington is a riverfront town by the borders of Pennsylvania and Maryland at the northern tip of Delaware. It has cooler temperatures, a rich history, and a busy city vibe, ideal for seniors who like to keep busy.

Willmingont Delaware skyline at night
Willmington Skyline

Retire in Wilmington and enjoy a community feel with bustling Philadelphia a few minutes away. Wilmington has a population of about 80,000, low housing costs, and many outdoor activities. 

Although you can get a home for less than the state’s average cost, most Wilmington residents rent houses and apartments. The town is a top choice for seniors who want to rent rather than buy.

You’ll experience typical New England winters in this northern Delaware village. Snow lasts from November to March, and winter temperatures are around 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the summers are pleasant and moderate, hovering at 60 to 80 degrees.

Retirees can get outside and enjoy Brandywine Park, visit the iconic 17th-century Old Swedes Church, or stroll down the riverbanks. 

If you prefer staying inside, find a top restaurant and make it your regular haunt. Mikimotos is a fantastic spot for Asian food, Mrs. Robino’s is a family-owned Italian restaurant, and Chelsea Tavern is a no-frills place with beers and grilled food.


Lewes is a Delaware village of 3,200 people and one of the best places in Delaware to retire. It’s a coastal town in Sussex county, and it sits in the southern part of the state.

The town has a rural feel, and marshes, ponds, beaches, and state parks surround it. Lewes Beach runs the length of the village, featuring a ferry port, fishing pier, and yacht club.

You’d be surprised, but the tiny town boasts some outstanding restaurants. It’s ideal for seniors who want a small-town atmosphere but enjoy a classy night out. Head to Big Oyster Brewery for seafood and drinks, or go to Agave Mexican for tacos and margaritas.

If history is your thing, you’re in luck. Lewes has a historic 1938 lightship, a 17th-century house, and a local history museum celebrating the town’s Dutch roots. Become a resident of Lewes, and you can enjoy events, exhibits, and community gatherings in the historic city center.

Lewes also offers easy healthcare access, a crucial factor for many retirees. With the Beebe Healthcare hospital in the center of town, you can enjoy your retirement years in relaxation without worrying about traveling for medical care.


Consider spending your retirement years in Bridgeville, a tiny community in east-central Delaware. Bridgeville is right by the Maryland state line, in southern Delaware, and it’s a peaceful community of about 2,500 citizens.

The town has a low crime rate, a walkable city center, and an average median home price. There are a lot of other retirees, and you can form a community with residents your age.

Even with a small population, Bridgeville is bustling with arts and culture. It’s home to the annual Apple Scrapple Festival in October, an agricultural event celebrating the region’s apple-growing culture. There’s also a historical society with events and meetings year-round.

Joining the community of Bridgeville as a retiree means you can find everything you need in a town of just under five square miles. Get a membership to the golf club, try Italian cuisine at Tony’s Pizza, or become a regular at the quaint little library in the center of town.

The weather is another thing to love about Bridgeville, as it has moderate temperatures and rainfall. Summers range from the 60s to 80s, and winters can peak as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowfall in the winter is about four inches per month, just enough to make you feel you’re in a winter wonderland without being obtrusive.

Long Neck

One of the best places in Delaware to retire, Long Neck is a coastal town in the southern part of the state. It borders Indian River Bay and is just across the water from Delaware Seashore State Park.

Long Neck is ideal for retirees who want to experience coastal life when enjoying plenty of amenities in town. There’s something for everyone, whether you like getting outside and staying active, touring museums, or fine dining indoors.

Summers are warm, making the area ideal for a morning hike or an afternoon swim. However, there’s decent cloud cover a few days of the week, so you don’t have to deal with bright sun all the time.

The restaurant culture is another reason to love Long Neck. Paradise Pub is a beach-themed grill with a full bar, and Ocean Grill is a place with great breakfast and seafood. Or, drive to the golf club and try upscale American cuisine at Baywood Clubhouse.

Long Neck is a great place for retirees who love to fish. Book a boat ride and go out fishing for a day, or head to Holts Landing State Park on the other side of the bay and go crabbing.


Places like Lewes offer a rural atmosphere and top cuisine, while Rehoboth Beach has arts, culture, and annual festivals. Consider Wilmington if you want a nearby major city and snowy winters, or head to Milton for a milder climate and outdoor activities like hiking and golfing.

Whether you move to coastal Long Neck, vibrant Bridgeville, or elsewhere in the state, you’ll experience retirement in style and serenity. Diverse options abound, and the state is ideal whether you want to enjoy your retirement in Delaware in tranquility or activity. 

Take action today and start planning your move to Delaware. The state balances rural and city life and has beautiful scenery and great communities for retired folks. We hope you enjoyed this round-up of the best places in Delaware to retire!

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