Best Places To Retire in Tennessee

Smoky Mountains Tennessee

Home to mild temperatures, rich culture, and natural beauty, Tennessee is one of the best places to retire. With low housing prices and the peacefulness of a rural setting, many retirees are Making Tennessee their retirement destination. 

Finding the perfect retirement community in Tennessee can be challenging. With so many outstanding cities, how can one choose the best places to retire in Tennessee? 

We have considered several factors, such as the cost of living, amenities, and the crime rate in the area, and rounded up a list of the top ten retirement cities in Tennessee offering affordable accommodation and warm weather for a comfortable retirement. 

Why Is Tennessee a Great Place To Retire?

Besides the beautiful weather in Tennessee, the state also has plenty of other benefits to offer seniors looking for the best place to spend their golden years, including the following amenities:

  • Affordable housing and favorable tax rates
  • Country music and entertainment venues
  • Southern hospitality that caters to seniors
  • Outdoor attractions and amenities for senior lifestyles

The 10 Best Places to Retire in Tennessee

Moving to Tennessee is an exciting adventure for retirees, filled with tranquil scenery and a relaxing atmosphere. 

When planning a permanent move, it is crucial to consider the pros and cons of each city before committing to retirement plans. Here is our list of the top ten retirement places in Tennessee. 


Nestled along the breathtaking Tennessee River with views of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga is a much-loved retirement city for seniors looking for a beautiful place that offers outdoor recreation. 

According to data from, the average cost of a home in Chattanooga is $283,417, making this beautiful city an affordable choice. Other attractive benefits of retiring in Chattanooga include a lower cost of living, healthcare, and top amenities in the area. 

One downside to consider before moving to Chattanooga is that the city has a higher crime rate than the rest of the state of Tennessee, which is worth considering before planning a move. 


Set along the Mississippi River, we know Memphis as a city for country music lovers. This scenic destination is also home to soul, blues, and rock and roll.

Memphis skyline

One of the biggest cities in Tennessee, Memphis, is an excellent place for seniors who enjoy city life and several nearby amenities, such as touring Graceland, museums, parks, the Memphis Botanical Garden, and bustling downtown streets. 

According to data from, the average cost of a home in Memphis is $151,453, and the cost of living is almost 20 percent lower than in other cities in Tennessee. 

Some downfalls of moving to Memphis include a higher-than-average crime rate and a lower population of seniors than in other cities. Although Memphis offers several benefits for senior retirement, considering the downfalls is crucial. 

Johnson City

This medium-sized community is in the eastern part of Tennessee and is another ideal location for seniors looking for a beautiful area. Lush in outdoor recreation amenities, such as water sports and fossil sites, Johnson City is a magnificent place to live for seniors. 

Johnson City offers an affordable cost of living with an average house price of $234,137. Best of all, Johnson City also has a lower-than-average crime rate, making this city ideal for retirees. 

Union City

This small city is on the northern side of Tennessee, near the Kentucky border. Union City has much to offer retirees looking for an affordable place to settle down, such as a rich history and ample amenities, including the Discovery Park Museum, scenic parks, golfing, and a wildlife center. 

Union City features an attractive lower cost of living, healthcare, and a low crime rate, making it an ideal location for many retired seniors. 

Kingston Springs

This charming town is a short drive from Nashville and is perfect for seniors who prefer a quieter way of living. Kingston Springs has a population of just under 6,000 residents and boasts several attractive features for retirees. 

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, Kingston Springs offers several amenities, such as hiking trails, fishing spots along the river, canoeing, golfing, and outstanding views. Other benefits of retiring in Kingston Springs include a lower-than-average crime rate and a short drive to the city. 

Tellico Village

Nestled among the Great Smoky Mountains, this small town is perfect for retirees searching for a quiet place to settle down. Tellico Village has a rural population of under 6,000 residents and boasts peacefulness within a retirement community. 

Amenities making Tellico Village an attractive place to retire include beautiful golf courses, affordable waterfront homes, and several recreational activities, such as boating, swimming, and fishing.

According to the Neighbourhood scout website, Tellico Village has an above-average crime and safety rating compared to other communities in Tennessee. 

The charming community also offers a diverse selection of housing suitable for seniors, making Tellico Village an ideal retirement community for anyone searching for an appropriate place to settle down in Tennessee.


One of the most popular US cities, Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and is on our list of best places to retire. This beautiful city boasts live entertainment venues, scenic parks, and plenty of outdoor activities for the young at heart. 

Nashville skyline picture at night

Other attractive features of retiring in Nashville include an average cost of living and a diverse culture with wide streets, shopping centers, and home to the Grand Ole Opry. One downfall of retiring in Nashville is the higher crime rate than other cities on our list.


The charming city of Paris is approximately an hour west of Clarksville, Tennessee. Paris has a population of just over 10,000 residents. This quaint city offers several attractive amenities for seniors, including the historic downtown, parks, lakes, and a recreation center. 

A replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, graces southern Paris, Tennessee, and attracts several visitors yearly. 

According to the Areavibes website, Paris has an above-average livability score, the cost of living is 12 percent more affordable than other Tennessee cities, and rental prices are above average. 

However, the crime rate in Paris is eight percent higher than the average city in Tennessee, which is something to consider when choosing the ultimate retirement location. 


Elizabethton is a beautiful retirement city in Tennessee and home to the Transylvania Purchase historical site, founded in 1772. A medium-sized community, Elizabethton, has a population of just over 14,000 residents. Approximately 21 percent of the residents of Elizabethton are over 65 years old.

According to the Neighborhoodscout website, the average price of a home in Elizabethton is $240,799. This beautiful community offers several parks and scenic outdoor areas, waterfalls, hiking, antique stores, and museums for retirees to enjoy the beauty.


Our last choice for the best places to retire in Tennessee is the historical city of Morriston. This larger city has a population of just over 30,000 residents. According to the Neighborhoodscout website, the average price of a home in Morristown is $171,498. 

Nestled amongst the Smoky Mountains, Morristown has much to offer seniors, including lower-than-average housing prices and several attractive amenities. 

In Morristown, seniors can visit the Crockett Tavern Museum, several state parks, the Briarwood Safari, and golf courses. 

Areas To Avoid When Searching for the Best Retirement Places

Now that we covered the top ten best places to retire in Tennessee, here is a list of some cities seniors should avoid when searching for the top Tennessee retirement locations.

Davidson County

If you are searching for an affordable retirement city in Tennessee, avoid searching for accommodations in Davidson County. Although Davidson Country is a beautiful place to live, the property taxes are much higher than in other areas in Tennessee. 


Another area seniors should avoid when searching for the best retirement spot is Dyersburg

Although Dyersburg might have a small population size of just over 17,0000 residents, it also has an extremely high crime rate compared to other cities in Tennessee. 


Jackson is approximately 70 miles from Memphis and is one of the most dangerous cities in the USA, according to The average person living in Jackson has a one out of 105 chance of being involved in dangerous crimes. 

Many of the residents from Jackson live below the poverty line, which leads to a higher crime rate, making this city a poor location for seniors to retire.

Wrap Up 

When it comes to the best places to retire in Tennessee, this beautiful state offers several favorable cities for seniors. However, finding the best retirement city can be challenging when there are so many terrific options for consideration. 

Tennessee is a much sought-after retirement destination for many and is home to warm weather, rich history and culture, affordable housing, and many amenities.

This article provides excellent suggestions for the best retirement cities in Tennessee, including Chattanooga, Memphis, Johnson City, and more. 

For more information about some of the best cities to retire in Tennessee, check out the following website, Tennessee-best-places-to-retire.