Instant Bank Account with Virtual Debit Card

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With the onset of a digital banking revolution, access to several financial tools and options has become easier than ever before. Digital payment systems encourage consumers to withdraw their affinity towards currency notes, coins, and paper receipts in favor of virtual alternatives. So how do you get an instant bank account with a virtual debit card?

Instant bank accounts are convenient, with less paperwork and bureaucracy. They’re cheap, often free, offering more flexibility, especially for international payment options. A virtual debit card is also easy to apply, and approval ideally takes minutes.

As soon as you get a digital bank account, you’re assured of getting a virtual debit card that exists online. Like their physical counterparts, you can use it anywhere or share it securely with others. 

This article finds out how to open a digitized checking account instantly and get multiple virtual cards.

How Do You Get a Bank Account?

Banks allow you to deposit and withdraw money through an account connected to a particular contract or arrangement, whether a checking or savings account. You can open an account physically at your local bank branch or online using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Opening an online bank account is easy when you have the details and documents required. The account is created instantly over a secure connection, issuing a virtual debit card. Typical information needed for the application include:

  • Your social security number
  • A government-issued identity documents such as passport or driver’s license
  • Proof of your physical address like a utility bill
  • Phone number and email address

What Is a Virtual Debit Card?

A virtual debit card is issued alongside your instant bank account. It’s a digital version of your physical plastic debit card, designed as Software as a Service or SaaS. You’ll store the card’s information in your mobile wallets, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

A virtual prepaid card is valid when purchasing or making payments, especially online shopping. Similarly, the same information on physical cards appears on this digital version. That includes the debit card number, Card Verification Value or CVV code, and expiration date.

Your virtual debit card performs everything its plastic counterpart does with enhanced security, functionality, and portability. You’ll receive transaction alerts via text, email, or banking app push notifications as part of that robust protection. They also come in handy when making payments on sites that don’t accept traditional bank cards.

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Which US Instant Bank Accounts Offer Virtual Debit Cards?

Let’s look at places to get an instant bank account with a virtual debit card.

1. US Unlocked

The virtual debit card from US Unlocked provides you with the capacity to shop from various online retailers worldwide. It only requires you to sign up for an instant account, load the card and make purchases. You provide the billing address for more convenient web or streaming services transactions.

US Unlocked offers two types of virtual debit cards, including one that you can only use once. The other is a merchant-specific card, meaning it’s locked to a particular payment gateway. You can set your spend limit or connect to freight forwarding partners using this card after paying a $15 membership fee.

2. Payoneer

A man holds a cell phone that has the Pyoneer logo on the screen. Behind is a laptop that also has Payoneer on the screen.

A virtual debit card from Payoneer allows you to shop on e-Commerce stores that accept MasterCard payments. You can use this prepaid card the same way you use your physical cards by entering its details on the shopping sites checkout page. All you need is an account with the digital payment provider, which you can set up instantly.

Once the details you’ve filled in on Payoneer’s website are reviewed and approved, you’re issued with a virtual debit card. The digital payment processors account is free to use this card.

3. Netspend

You can customize the Netspend virtual debit card with your photo or company logo. The online financial management tool offers you an instant account to create a temporary card. It’s significantly beneficial when you’re accessing shopping sites that don’t accept bank cards, and it’s accepted throughout the country.

With a Netspend virtual debit card, you can access transaction balances with real-time alerts.

4. American Express

Amex or American Express provides you with a virtual debit card that’s easy to use and manage. It’s handy for self-employed freelancers and professionals when making online purchases. You can set your spend limits, which in turn determines your charges.

With American Express’s virtual debit card, you can make smooth payments while tracking transactions. It’s free to use with an instant account from the online payment platform.

5. Wal-Mart MoneyCard

A photo of the side of a store, with a sign that says Walmart

From any bank in the country, you can add money to your virtual debit card by Wal-Mart. You can use the full-service digital payment to make online transactions, backed by a robust digital ecosystem. Deposits on the MoneyCard are free at any Wal-Mart store, and you can add up to four additional cards using their mobile app.

The Wal-Mart MoneyCard is free to use and offers 2% interest on your savings. You can make purchases while simplifying your financial management by downloading the app.

6. LeoPay

If you travel or regularly shop on non-US websites or want worldwide financial management, this account offers an ideal option. The LeoPay virtual debit card offers multiple international banking account numbers, which you operate using other currencies. You can access the digital bank account and prepaid card using their website or mobile app.

You get two virtual debit cards from LeoPay Visa, free of charge. With its instant transaction notifications, you can shop or withdraw money anywhere in the world.



You can get a traditional debit card by applying through a bank, or you can apply for debit cards online through one of the services mentioned above. Either option will require some identifying information, such as your SSN and permanent address. 

A virtual debit card is exceptionally safe, convenient, and reliable to use through your digital banking service provider. With the right card, you can shop anywhere, and it’s easy to apply for, especially if you’re an independent contractor or freelancer. Many of these come with robust apps that work well as all-in-one money management tools.

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