Retire in Costa Rica – The Switzerland of Central America

beach with hammock

Retire in Costa Rica? The “Rich Coast” … the country name in itself is a promise … the promise to live a richer life. When I first visited the country I was overwhelmed by its natural beauty. The number and diversity of its ecosystems, on such a small stripe of land between two oceans, is simply amazing (especially for a Geographer, such as myself).

If you have ever considered to retire to Costa Rica, you will enjoy browsing through the information below.

Costa Rica Climate

The climate in Costa Rica is more varied than you might think. Learn about its “seasons”, rainfall patterns, temperatures and what micro-climate suits you best […]

Impressive waterfall close to La Fortuna

The picture above is just one example for Costa Rica’s beautiful nature… it shows a waterfall close to La Fortuna, in the Volcan Arenal area.

Retire in Costa Rica: Cost of Living

If there’s one thing that experts about cost of living in Costa Rica agree upon, it is this: how much you spend per month depends entirely on what you need (or think you need) for living comfortably […]

Internet & Infrastructure

When you retire in Costa Rica you want to rent or buy a home that has already a phone line installed. Read on to find out why. See also our tips about Internet and transportation […]


Whilst the Costa Rica education system is considered to be one of the best in all Central American countries, there is a big difference in quality of education between the public and private schools […]

Safety & Crime

Crime in Costa Rica has changed, and not for the better. But this is not to mean that retiring in Costa Rica is a dangerous affair. You just have to observe the right safety tips. […]

Real Estate

Looking for a place to rent or buy? Unsure about the purchase process for real estate in Costa Rica? We’ve done the research for you […]

Want to explore beach front properties in Guanacaste whilst being pampered in a small hotel with first class service? Then consider Playa Grande Costa Rica as your base.

Visa Requirements

Costa Rica visa and immigration requirements explained in plain English. Includes info about Pensionado, Rentista and Inversionista programs […]

Health Care

The Costa Rica health care system is considered as one of the best in the world. Both public and private healthcare institutions employ state-of-the art equipment and highly trained professionals, at a fraction of the cost in the US or Europe […]

Culture & People

Costa Rica has a lot to offer, especially for outdoor and nature lovers. Understanding its culture and people is important to fit in and quickly adapt to your new life there as a retiree. […]

Costa Rica Retirement Tours

You’ve done your research. You really like what you read and are excited about the possibility to retire in Costa Rica. Now it’s time to get “your boots on the ground.” But should you do this on your own, or with a guided tour? Read our review of Christopher Howard’s popular Costa Rica Retirement Tours. […]

Want to retire in Costa Rica? Here’s what you need to know about its climate, cost of living, visa requirements, real estate and much more.