Retire in Nicaragua – Seriously?

Group photo in nicaragua
Group photo from the December 2017 Tour during our visit to the waterfalls at Cascada Blanca. By the way, this is NOT our tour bus!

Retire in Nicaragua? Nothing could have been further from my mind during my first encounter with this country. On a holiday trip to Costa Rica, we went on a jungle tour by boat. The river crossed over into Nicaraguan territory.

I will never forget the fierce looking soldiers with guns over their shoulders, guarding the border station where we had to get off the boat and present our passports.

This was back in 1994. A lot has changed since then, certainly my view about this often misunderstood country.

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Worried about the news you heard about the unrests in Nicaragua, which started in April 2018? Read about the events from my point of view, as an expat living through the crisis here.

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Weather in Nicaragua

The Nicaragua climate is divided into a dry season (“summer”) and rainy season (“winter”). Unlike in other tropical countries, there are two months with almost no rain at all, at least in the area around Managua […]

The photo shows one of the wide sandy beaches along Nicaragua’s Northern Pacific coast.

Cost of Living

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Internet & Infrastructure

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Education & Schools

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Nicaragua Homes & Real Estate

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Visa & Special Benefits

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In case you were worried that you wouldn’t find adequate healthcare in Nicaragua, you’ll be in for a nice surprise. Medical facilities in Managua and other big cities are top notch, and doctors even share their private phone numbers for emergencies […]

People, Culture & Entertainment

Nicaragua people make you feel welcome. The most compelling aspect of Nicaraguan culture? There’s always time for a chat and a smile […]

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Nicaragua, A Breathtaking Experience

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