Retire To Spain – What You Need To Know

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Planning to retire to Spain? Imagine long, hot summer days where you enjoy the balmy evenings with a cool “cerveza” (beer) in hand, accompanied by a delicious plate of tapas.

Imagine living in a place where winter days aren’t freezing cold or damp, but mild and pleasant. Or, if you prefer spring like weather year round, you can have that too!

Imagine living in a place where you can get a full meal with dessert and wine for as little as $10; where you can rent an appartment in walking distance to the beach for $500, and where right now the market is overflowing with bargain properties, starting well below $100,000.

Sounds intriguing? Read on and find out all you need to know for your Spain retirement.

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Spain Climate

The Spain climate varies around the country but is widely regarded as one of the best in the world for a healthy and enjoyable retirement lifestyle. [Read more about the climate in Spain.]

Cost of Living

Although the cost of living in Spain has increased over the years, it still offers an excellent retirement lifestyle for an affordable price. [Learn more about the cost of living in Spain.]

Internet & Infrastructure

High speed Internet access is readily available throughout Spain. You can also enjoy an excellent public transport system, when you decide to retire to Spain. [Read the full story about Internet & Transportation.]

Education & Schools

If you retire with school-aged kids, you’ll want to know everything about the Spain education system, and where to find the best international schools. [Find out more about the schools and education system in Spain.]

Safety & Crime

Inform yourself about the Spain safety situation before moving there. Hint: It’s considered as one of the safest countries in Europe and beyond. [Read the full article about safety & crime in Spain.]

Housing & Properties

Browse our collection of resources where to find properties to rent or buy online. Learn about average prices, property taxes and other invaluable Spain housing information. [Read more about Spanish housing & properties.] 

Visa Requirements & Residency

Spain visa and immigration requirements explained in plain English. Includes info for EU and non EU citizens. As a non EU citizen, you need to begin your residency application process before moving to Spain. [Access the full article about Spain visa requirements and residency.]

Health Care

Health wise, you’ll be in good hands when you retire to Spain, with the country’s excellent public and private health care systems, at an affordable cost. [Learn more about the health care in Spain.]

Culture & People

The Spain culture is famous for many different things, from music to food and art and plenty more. You won’t be bored when retiring to Spain! [Enjoy the complete article about the Spain culture here.]

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Spanish Language Course (Essential When You Retire to Spain)

Habla Español? If You Don’t, This Course Is For You!

Learning the local language is, in my opinion, a must-do… even if you might get along just fine in Spain with English. But you lose out on many aspects of the Spanish culture and its people.

So, if you are serious about retiring in Spain, the “Conversational Spanish Made Easy” course comes highly recommended for both beginners and intermediate levels by currently 3,600+ students (at the time of this writing, August 2015).

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