Retirement is Meant to be Fun

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by Jacob Merkley
(Gilbert, AZ, USA)


I don’t know about you, but my retirement is going to be fun. I’m talking beaches, traveling, spending time with family, and then doing it all over again. I may also enjoy some game time (shout out to all the canasta lovers) and will spend quality time thinking about what I did in this life.

What I don’t want is to have a retirement that is filled with regret, worry, and stress. Unfortunately, there are too many out there that are experiencing this exact thing and many more who will experience it in the future.

3 Steps to Make Retirement Fun

In order for me to make my retirement fun, I need to do a few things:

1. Plan My Permanent Vacation
For me to have a fun retirement, I need to plan out a good retirement life. There is a lot to this step, such as: where to live, how much will I need, etc. A lot of things need to be considered here.

Don’t take this step lightly! In my opinion, too much planning is always better than not enough planning!

2. Get My Finances in Order
Second, I need to get my finances in order. Obviously, if I want to have a fun retirement, then I will want to make sure I have enough money to last me through the remaining years of my life.

Part of this step is getting educated about retirement plans and how to start working through a plan of action. I recommend finding an adviser that you trust to talk about your future.

3. Stay Healthy
Finally, I need to stay healthy enough to live to the end of my life to the fullest! I would hate to get to my retirement years and not be able to do anything. The beauty is that I can take steps now to improve my health (and so can you), that will hopefully flow into me staying alive longer.

This includes eating better, exercising more, and engaging in activities that help the body and mind become stronger and healthy.


Retirement is meant to be fun. Don’t spend your last days worrying and wondering how you are going to make it to the end. If you plan now, you can have a retirement of bliss, happiness and contentment.

After years of work, you deserve to have the retirement life that you want, but it does take some time and energy to get there. I am getting ready for my permanent vacation by planning for it, getting my finances in order, and staying healthy…and so should you!

About the Author
Jacob Merkley is a full-time blogger who started in the accounting, financial, and retirement realms before switching to working online. Now he focuses on teaching others about Life Skills that put YOU in control, including the important principles of money management. He blogs over at PowerOverLife.