The 6 Best Fly-In Communities In North Carolina

an old fashioned airplane in North Carolina

Is it your dream to live in a place where you can fly your plane whenever you wish? Would you like to have a home where you can park your aircraft without worry? Choosing to relocate to fly-in communities in North Carolina could be the answer you need. You can make your dream a reality. 

There are several advantages to these special living quarters that you just cannot find anywhere else. Once you experience everything that luxury fly-in communities in North Carolina have to offer, you may never return to regular city living again. 

What Makes a Fly-In Community Special? 

If you are unsure what fly-in communities in North Carolina have to offer, we can shed a little more light on these unique living areas. Although some individuals may think that fly-in communities are only places you can reach by airplane, that is not entirely true. 

While there are most definitely communities around the United States that are not accessible at many times of the year using traditional transportation methods. You need to go in and out by aircraft. Fly-in communities in North Carolina are an entirely different situation. 

These locations are small private subdivisions, much like a standard gated community, with one exception. They cater to pilots and those individuals who want to bring awareness to the flying community. Some also carry the distinction of airparks or aviation communities. 

These unique living arrangements contain a runway through the center of the destination rather than the main road. In addition, a fly-in community provides private living options for residents to keep and store their aircraft without using a public airport. 

These communities contain individuals of all ages with a common aviation interest. Some of these destinations offer luxury amenities, while others provide flight schools and aircraft rentals as business opportunities. 

How Many Fly-In Communities Are In North Carolina? 

As more individuals take to the skies and incorporate their love of flying, there is an increased demand for fly-in communities. North Carolina is no exception to these unique living arrangements and offers over 20 different fly-in communities to suit anyone’s lifestyle or current needs. 

Of course, the total number of these aviation communities is constantly growing and evolving. HOAs and airpark owners are responsible for adding their information and keeping it updated in the database, so there can be discrepancies, depending on which source you choose to look for fly-in communities in North Carolina.  

The 6 Best Fly-In Communities 

Finding the best fly-in communities in North Carolina can be exhausting if you do not know where to start. Thankfully, we have everything covered for you in our easy list of local aviation communities within the state. 

After careful consideration, we have here the six best choices in North Carolina for anyone who wants a way to live with their aircraft. This way, you can see exactly what each location can offer its residents and which place will suit your needs and lifestyle best. 

#1 – Aero Plantation Airpark 

Nestled in Weddington, North Carolina, less than 20 miles from Uptown Charlotte, you will find the Aero Plantation Airpark. It spans 385 acres of land and an additional 38 acres of lakes for the residents and local wildlife to enjoy. You can find Aero Plantation Airpark at 865 Baron Road, Weddington, North Carolina, 28173. 

This aviation community began in 1962 and provides a 2,400-foot lighted runway and hangar, and small aircraft along the six miles of paved community roads have the right of way. So, if you are looking for a new place to live, that caters to pilots, this is it.  

Aero Plantation Airpark’s unique and serene community offers a tranquil setting for residents with all lifestyles and interests. They offer lots starting at 2-acres+ and residents have a selection of lakefront property, secluded locations, runway housing, open meadow, or hardwood forest choices. 

It is an everyday occurrence to see horseback riding along the shoulders of the roads through the community. In addition, horse lovers can house their pets according to the bylaws of one horse per two acres of property. 

Other amenities in Aero Plantation Airpark include: 

  • Fishing in one of the many waterways 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Basketball court 
  • Golfing 
  • Designated wildlife sanctuary, perfect for bird watching or observing local wildlife

A replica suspension bridge over the lower lake mirrors the famous George Washington Bridge in New York. This bridge access allows residents to the community gazebo and the golf green across the lake. 

If serenity and tranquility are your goals for your next home, Aero Plantation Airpark will definitely fit the bill.  

#2 – Brady Landing Airpark 

Brady Landing Park is the perfect solution for aviation enthusiasts who want to enjoy the country life but remain close to the city. This relatively newer unique community sits in the town of Maple, just north of the Outer Banks and south of the Virginia border. 

Beginning in 2000 with a vision from Tom Brady for a residential aviation community that caters to pilots, Brady Landing Airpark was born. You can find it at 264 Airport Road, Maple, North Carolina, 27956. 

It has through-the-fence access to the Currituck County Airport, making it one of the few residential airparks in North Carolina with access to a public airport. 

This way, pilots can taxi their private planes using the taxiways that double as roadways in this aviation community. So naturally, aircraft have the right of way on all shared common roads in Brady Landing Airpark.  

The Brady Landing Airpark residents are a close-knit community that provides the upkeep of all the common areas and their homes. Together they ensure the security and safety of the residents and the airport. 

If you want to live somewhere you feel like family, Brady Landing Airpark is a terrific location. 

#3 – Duchy Airpark 

If you want to live like a duke or duchess, the Duchy Airpark may be the answer. It sits within Haw River, 15 miles west of Chapel Hill, in Alamance County, between the Triad and Triangle areas of central North Carolina. 

Their central location avoids the harsher northern winters and extremely hot southern days, giving residents a more comfortable place to enjoy the moderate climate. 

This gated aviation community includes a 3,500-foot paved runway, making it one of the best fly-in communities in North Carolina. However, they do restrict aircraft weight, so it does not allow anything more than 5,250 pounds. They also forbid any gliders, jet aircraft, and powered parachutes in Duchy Airpark. 

They are near Burlington, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), making commuting easy for many residents. 

The Duchy Airpark includes over 30 large lots and a 2-acre pond on-site. The airstrip is privately owned and operated only for residents and their short-term guests. Residential properties are single-family homes with attached hangars. 

Because of its central location, residents have the opportunity to view a wide array of wildlife in the area. In addition, their mild climate provides homes for many species of birds, fish, and wildlife that can be seen throughout the year. 

For any aviation enthusiast looking for the perfect place to call home with their aircraft without heading too far away from major centers, the Duchy Airpark is perfect. 

#4 – Lake Norman Airpark 

A photo of a vintage silver propeller airplane taking off from a small airport

For a little slice of heaven that is hidden away, only five miles west of Mooresville off Perth Road, North Carolina, you will find the Lake Norman Airpark. If you want to combine your love of flying with lake life, Lake Norman Airpark is ideal for achieving this goal. 

Beginning in 1964, the Lake Norman Aviation Club developed an airstrip on a peninsula at Lake Norman in hopes of benefitting the town of Mooresville and aiding flight enthusiasts. It initially offered a grass airstrip, later developing it further and paving this section. 

The Lake Norman Airpark Owners Association owns and maintains the 3,147-foot asphalt runway and 40 acres of common area, including the taxiways. It is open to the public and includes dusk-to-dawn lights and a beacon. 

This airstrip sees approximately 49+ aircraft operations per day. It does carry restrictions as a noise-sensitive area, prohibiting use between 2300 and 0600 hours. 

Lake Norman Airpark consists of approximately 56 residences that surround the runway. Many of their exquisite homes have lakefront views, giving them a terrific backdrop to wake up to every morning. 

#5 – Long Island Airpark 

If you are a lover of the skies and the water, Long Island Airpark is the perfect place for you. This family-friendly community has something for everyone, especially pilots who enjoy seaplanes. 

Also situated on the shores of Lake Norman, nestled on a peninsula, the Long Island Airpark resides in Catawba County, just six miles southeast of Catawba. This private airpark offers a lighted 3,000-foot turf runway for residents, including a seaplane ramp and boating dock. 

This close-knit community has regular fly-out events to enjoy fine dining in other locations, and they host an annual fly-in event each year. In addition, the residents share responsibility for mowing the turf runway from spring to fall each week, which typically falls on a Thursday, depending on the current weather. 

The airport is unmanned, and all aircraft flying in and out of Long Island Airpark will need to activate the runway lights regardless of the time of day. Their residential spaces are typically single-family homes on one-acre size lots. 

#6 – Mountain Air 

A photo taken from an airplane, flying at night over a big city.  A lot of light and darkness can be seen below

The luxurious Mountain Air fly-in community sits atop Slickrock Mountain, with the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop. This mountaintop runway provides a breathtaking experience each time you fly in and out of this location. 

Mountain Air sits at an impressive 4,919 feet, only four miles from Burnsville, 40 Minutes North of Asheville, providing the best views of North Carolina. You can find them at 30 Mountain Drive, Burnsville, North Carolina, 28814. There are so many unique elements to this fly-in community that will have you wishing you were here sooner. 

They have a fully-paved 2,875 private runway right on a mountain top, giving residents and visitors an element that they just will not get anywhere else. In addition, mountain Air is entirely self-contained, consisting of 1,300 acres, and has been home to many for over 30 years. 

It is the perfect location for full or part-time residents, visitors, and retirees. You will find 24 distinct neighborhoods in this aviation community, serving over 520 families, helping to provide a unique experience. 

Mountain Air has a wide range of home options, ranging in size from ⅓ acre up to 2-acre plots. In this mountaintop airpark, current residents have everything from condos to villas and grand estates. 

Mountain Air residents have access to unique elements, including: 

  • Mountaintop golf courses 
  • An exquisite clubhouse
  • A market and deli 
  • A family activity and fitness center
  • Tennis courts
  • An outdoor heated swimming pool
  • A member’s lodge and outdoor amphitheater
  • Theatre 
  • Hiking trails and horseback riding 
  • Trout fishing 
  • Community parks with waterfalls 
  • An outdoor discovery center 

Residents can select from various Equity Memberships from the HOA, customizing their experience at Mountain Air. So if the mountains are calling you, this is one of the best fly-in communities in North Carolina for you. 


For aviation enthusiasts in the United States, North Carolina holds several outstanding options for fly-in communities. From lakefront lots to mountaintop properties, there is sure to be a place for you and your aircraft that will suit your lifestyle and needs. 

Do you have a favorite fly-in community in North Carolina that we missed? Let us know in the comments which destination is your favorite or where you would like to explore next for a potential residence. We would love to hear your thoughts. 

If you love exploring all that North Carolina has to offer aviation lovers, be sure to check out our other posts on the best fly-in communities around the U.S. There is so much more to explore that you may not know of outside of the borders of North Carolina

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