The Boom Nicaragua: The Area’s Ultimate Surf Experience

A picture of barreling waves.

Fast-paced, stimulating, fun in the sun- yes, yes, and yes, please! The Boom, located in Northern Nicaragua, is quickly rising to the spotlight and becoming recognized as a world-class surf destination for experienced riders. Some of the most massive, fastest, barreling, A-frame waves are at The Boom, waiting for surfers to take advantage of the beach break!

If you’re a thrill-seeker, and wouldn’t mind venturing onto the beautiful sandy beaches of Nicaragua, then please continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn more about The Boom.

Visiting Nicaragua

The country of Nicaragua is located in Central America and hosts over 350 km of Pacific coastline. The serene aqua green waters rarely drop below 80°F, and did we mention the palm trees?  

If that doesn’t make you want to start packing, surf lovers will enjoy the winds blowing offshore for more than 300 days per year. This makes Nicaragua a prime surfing destination year-round! 

How to Acces The Boom in Nicaragua

You can find The Boom tucked away in the North of Nicaragua, about 45 minutes away from the city of Chinandega. What makes this specific surf destination unique is that it’s distant from major tourist locations. This almost guarantees that you won’t be faced with pesky crowds should you decide to visit. 

There has been an uptick in tourism as the spot gains more popularity, but the stretches of beach are so long that walking a few hundred feet will likely give you space to yourself. 

That also means that this remote beach spot’s waves are best enjoyed while staying at a nearby surf camp or resort. A quick Google search should point you in the right direction of some popular places that offer great packages for a short or long-term stay.

How Are the Waves?

On to the fun part! 

The Boom has some of the most hollow waves in all of Nicaragua. The waves generally break close to the shore, so it doesn’t take many strokes to get back out. This makes the rides shorter but very intense because as stated, the waves erupt almost right on the shore itself. So hold on tight if it’s a big wave, so you don’t lose your footing. 

The tides are geared towards more advanced riders; however, if you catch the waves when they’re a little calmer, an intermediate surfer will still have a blast. The best rides that last a while on The Boom occur with mid to high tides, but there are also smaller waves that are the perfect spot to refine your techniques such as setting your line and barrel riding.

A-Frame Waves

The left and right breaks of the A-Frame waves will surely give you an insanely fun ride once you get used to the speed and steepness of the takeoff. Be sure that you paddle into the wave confidently and with speed to avoid getting tossed about by the lip. Once you get up, the barrel goes vigorously down the line, so be prepared!

Barreling on The Boom

The barrel wave, a transcendental experience that many surfers spend their lives trying to chase. The Boom is the perfect place to go if you’re trying to engage in this other-worldly interaction. 

When going out into the wave, you’ll want your takeoff point to be about 5 feet deeper than where you’re typically comfortable. You’ll need to immediately set your rail while trying to stay close to halfway up the face of the wave; direct your front hand in front of your body to help guide your exit. Once the barrel portion is over, there’s a huge cut back before it closes out.

Best Months to Visit The Boom

The recommendation for surfers that are intermediate to advanced is to visit during the months of March until November. The reasoning behind this is that Nicaragua is considered a “south swell spot”. This means that The Boom relies on the swells provoked by the winter storms from the southern hemisphere; these typically occur from March-November. 

Many visitors, who are avid surfers, have also stated that the waves are the best between May and October. During these months, the lower tides open up, allowing for radical barrels; the tides that are a little higher will be suitable for the intermediate surfers as well. 

The Ultimate Surfing Experience

Serious surfers should make it their business to visit The Boom in Nicaragua if they’re looking for an adventure and a fantastic surfing experience. The area is beautiful and secluded and offers the opportunity to not only have a great vacation but to focus on a passion. The waves are consistently perfect for surfing almost the entire year, and lots of visitors have said that the people there are very friendly!

Head to The Boom in Nicaragua if you want to experience some of Central America’s best waves. Don’t forget to take a few back-up boards; the waves are insane, in a good way.