Card Games For Seniors

Seniors can quickly become bored, so they’ll look for different ways to entertain themselves while keeping their brains active. Many seniors play puzzle games and board games, so they’ll look into other card games to let them enjoy various activities while passing the time. 

With that in mind, seniors want access to different games where they can easily access the rules while keeping it at a slower pace to let everyone enjoy it. This approach usually involves giving them a rule list so they can stay nearby or having a game with simple rules. 

What Makes a Good Senior Card Game?

The best card games for seniors require plenty of replayability, meaning they can return to it and have fun every time. However, there are so many card games available that some people will question which ones seniors should try to get some enjoyment.

According to the UNC School of Medicine, card games help people with their memory and thinking skills. With that in mind, you should see if you can determine which card games you should get for seniors, so they’ll have fun and enjoy the benefits of such games.

Not only should you own a deck of playing cards, but you should look into other options to provide more variety regarding games. That includes purchasing individual games seniors can enjoy, such as Uno or Phase 10.

Do your best to review the different choices, see which ones you like, and buy some card games for seniors. That way, you can enjoy the various benefits of playing games, such as stimulating your mind and spending time with others.

Feel free to go through a list, compare the options, and get started on your journey to identify various card games for seniors and people of all ages.


2 seniors playing card games

If you can purchase a deck of playing cards, you’ll realize how Solitaire remains one of the most versatile card games for seniors. The game allows them to play it alone, placing the cards on the table and trying to sort through the cards to win the game.

Solitaire works well since it has straightforward rules while offering versatility since the senior has many combinations, thanks to the randomized nature of card shuffling. Also, seniors can play it alone, making it an excellent game they can play whenever.

Since Solitaire involves a standard card deck, the senior can play other games if people join them, allowing them to play any classic card game. With so much versatility and the option to play alone, your senior can always develop creative and fun games through a deck.

For example, they can play 21 for fun, Go Fish, and anything associated with a standard deck. Feel free to even look up different games people can play with a playing card deck so your senior always has something new and fun to try.

Phase 10

2 people playing card games

As for another game that constantly changes and makes things interesting, you can go with Phase 10. In this game, players have ten phases they must complete to win. However, if they don’t complete a phase, they stay on the same one while the others move on to the next.

This allows people to focus on their different phases, where they must collect the same number, straights, and even the same card colors. Usually, they have a combination of these rules to follow, so they keep track of their phase and plan their moves accordingly.

The game also includes player cards, so each senior can have a card near them to keep track of their phase and know what they must get. They can then compete through the game and pay attention to what people pick, making it easier for them to develop strategies.

The game requires seniors to pay attention, encouraging them to use their brains while they have fun. It’s also an easy enough game where younger kids can join them, and the entire family can have fun as they play through the phases.


If you want another classic that plenty of people play, you can go with Uno. Even though Pennsylvania State University mentions that it can help children, it remains one of the best card games for seniors to stay mentally active while spending time with friends.

The players must see which cards they draw and play the correct numbers and colors while paying attention to themselves and others. For example, if they notice they only have one card or someone else does, they must call Uno before someone else calls it.

You can also get multiple people to play Uno with you since you have numerous cards and can go around in a circle. Uno also has simple rules, meaning you can quickly teach other seniors how to play the game, so they can all enjoy it.

You can also add house rules to the game to make it more exciting or add another deck to the pile, so you can play with more people. With many options, Uno remains a fun game that any senior can enjoy with other seniors, family, and friends, so try it out.

Apples to Apples

You can choose a game that encourages creativity and lets seniors interact with others. Apples to Apples has players draw the red cards, which have nouns on them, and they must play on the green cards, which have adjectives.

The players play a red card that can work as a noun for the adjective. The player who put down the green card then collects the red ones, shows each red card, and picks their favorite, awarding the green card to the player who put down the best answer.

The game lets the players learn about each other and have some good laughs while showing off their creativity and building relationships. They also have to think about which nouns work best for the various adjectives, encouraging them to keep their minds active as they play.

Not only that, but the rules remain simple to the point where children can learn how to play. However, the social aspect and fun interactions make it so anyone can enjoy the game and find value in it, so consider this if you want to choose card games for seniors.

Wrap Up

Finding suitable card games for seniors involves reviewing the options, understanding what they offer, and picking out the best. Since you or a senior may want more options regarding card games, ensure you consider multiple choices.

Feel free to look into retirement communities to spend time with other seniors while enjoying card games for seniors. Doing so will help you find an ideal location for you or a loved one, so they’ll have fun while spending time with people around their ages.

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