How to Add Another Card to a Green Dot Account

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The Green Dot Card is a prepaid card owned by the American Green Dot Bank. 

Customers with a Green Dot Account benefit from free cash deposits, withdrawals at select ATMs, and reputable debit card cash-back campaigns. You can also link your Green Dot Account to your bank account and access your funds online, via ATMs, or when shopping at your local store. 

Better still, if your original Green Dot card is damaged or lost, hence requiring deactivation, you can add another Green Dot card account and continue enjoying the cashless lifestyle. Check out the steps to adding another card to your Green Dot Account below.

Adding a Green Dot Card to a Green Dot Account

If your Green Dot card account is lost, stolen, or damaged, report the incident to Green Dot Bank. The bank will deactivate your current card and issue a replacement. You will receive the new card at a fee of $5.

After you’ve received your new card, use the following steps to add your replacement card to the Green Dot account:

  • Log into the Green Dot app
  • Go to settings, then Manage Card
  • Select Report Card Lost/Stolen
  • Provide the data required
  • Confirm that the data you’ve provided is true and accurate
  • Report the card

Linking a Bank Account to a Green Dot Account

You can link a bank account on your Green Dot App or online at If you’re using the app, log into your account and tap Deposit. When using, log into your account and select Add Funds. Then complete the following steps:

  • Select Bank Transfer from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the bank that you would like to link to your Green Dot Account
  • Confirm the verification process for your bank

Your connected bank account is now activated on the Green Dot account and app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Below are some common questions customers ask about Green Dot cards.

What can cause my Green Dot card to be deactivated?

Your Green Dot card can be deactivated if you report it to the bank as lost, stolen, damaged, or compromised. Then, the bank shall issue a replacement card that you can add to your Green Dot account to continue with online financial transactions.

What is the waiting period before I can start using my bank account after linking it to the Green Dot account?

You may transfer money from your linked bank account to your Green Dot account immediately. The transfer will be effective after three business days.

Green Dot uses Plaid, a secure and private service, to connect a bank account to the Green Dot app. Plaid encrypts and secures all bank details shared by customers on the Green Dot app. That way, the customer passwords and login credentials are safe.

What are the benefits of linking my bank account to the Green Dot account?

By linking your bank account to your Green Dot account, you can:

  • Send and receive money from your bank account to the Green Dot account
  • Swipe and pay your credit card bill when shopping
  • Automate payment of recurring bills online
  • Order personalized checks and use them to pay your bills
  • Write old-school checks
  • Enjoy mobile banking with no monthly fees
  • Access more ATM networks for free
  • Receive your federal tax refund and other state tax refunds within four days directly to your Green Dot account
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Owning the Green Dot prepaid card and replacing it or linking it to your other bank accounts makes it easier to go cashless. The steps to activating the Green Dot replacement card or link to the bank account take seconds via the Green Dot website or app. It is a convenient and fast mobile banking option.

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