South Carolina
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11 Best Rural Places to Live in South Carolina 

What attracts people to live in rural areas? They usually find a lower cost of living, especially lower home costs than in urban or metropolitan areas. For those who want to spread out on the ….

California Palm Trees
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10 Reasons California is So Expensive

Would you consider paying extra for year-round nice weather, beautiful scenery, an extensive 840-mile coastline, abundant government services, top universities, strict gun laws that result in a relatively low crime rate (ranked 31 in the ….

California Logo
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The Most Liberal Cities In California

Along with New York and Massachusetts, California has been a liberal stronghold in the United States for decades. Whenever there is a major election, it is almost a given that the Golden State will bring ….

A sign is mounted to a dead tree. The text on the sign says Florida. The beach can be seen in the background
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Comparing Life in Fort Myers vs. Naples

****This Article was written and published before Hurricane Ian. To Support victims of Hurrican Ian, please consider making a donation to the Red Cross of the Florida Gulf Coast **** If you’re interested in visiting ….

A drawing featuring the shape of Arizona. On the shape is the flag of AZ, featuring red, yellow, and blue and an orange star
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Comparing Life in Phoenix vs. Tucson

If you’re considering moving to Arizona, chances are you’re deciding between the two largest cities in the state: Phoenix and Tucson. Both are excellent places to settle down, offering a thriving, modern setting for families, ….

An artist drawing showing the shape of Florida on a pink background
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Moving to Florida: The Ultimate Checklist

If you are looking for sunshine and reasonable weather year-round, Florida is the place!  Florida is one of the most desirable destinations in the United States because of its climate, beaches, and tourist attractions.  There ….

A photo of the pier in Long Beach. People line u along both sides of the pier, mostly fishing. Condos can be seen in the back, along with many palm trees
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10 Cheapest Beach Towns in California

Undeniably, no one would want to miss the exquisite coastline lifestyle, fresh air, antique shopping, and culture when doing house hunting in California. Despite your desire to enjoy the coastal lifestyle, you probably wouldn’t want ….

A photo of a golf course hole, with a yellow and black flag sticking out of the cup. There are several palm trees on and near the course, The sun is peeking through the palm leaves
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14 Venice Florida Golf Communities & Golf Courses

Venice, Florida, is home to numerous golf communities and courses. It’s prevalent among tourists and residents alike, and for a good reason. Venice has exciting homes, a scenic lifestyle, abundant amenities, and striking golf courses. ….

A photo of a Florida beach at sun rise. There are several palm trees in and around the beach. Some buildings and a road can be seen on the far left.
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Cost of Living in Florida

Thousands of people move in and out of Florida each month. Florida has many beautiful attractions and is one of the top vacation destinations in the US. This is because of its beaches, snorkeling, and ….

Green and Black heart with gold. The word Jamaica is below in black.
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What Is the Best Cell Phone Carrier in Jamaica?

Are you considering a move to Jamaica? Perhaps you are going for an extended stay? If so, you’ll want to stay in touch with your relatives and friends back home.  But for that, you’ll need ….