How to Get Money Off Netspend Account Without Card

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How much cash do you have in your pocket right now? 

Most people don’t keep large amounts of cash on them because the majority is with their financial institution. In an age where cash-in-hand is a rarity, debit cards and prepaid cards are the norms. 

Netspend is one company that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to obtain an FDIC-insured prepaid debit card. Sometimes advertised as a finance or money management tool, Netspend offers enticing perks to its customers. With over ten million Netspend customers, it seems that plastic reigns supreme. 

However, there are times when a situation arises, and you need money but don’t have your card. It happens, but don’t worry. It is possible to get money from your Netspend account without your card. 

Keep reading to learn how this works and what steps to take.

Trust a Friend

First thing first, how soon do you need your money? If you urgently need money from your Netspend account, then there is an option to transfer funds or send money to other Netspend account holders. 

Using your online account or Netspend app on your phone, you can send money to a trusted family member or friend who is also a Netspend user (or an ACE Elite, Control, or Purpose cardholder) to immediately transfer funds. Then you could have your trusted friend or family member give you the cash.

Other things you may need to send money to other Netspend users:

  • Name of friend or family member
  • FlashPay ID (This can be found in your online Netspend account portal)

As a Netspend account holder, you have access to deposit money from any U.S. bank into your Netspend account, but not vice versa. Netspend accepts incoming money, but there are certain hoops to jump through before transferring or sending money out.

Transfer Using Money Apps

If that first option doesn’t sit well with you, then you can also try using transfer money apps like Paypal and CashApp. Another well-known money transfer app is Zelle. Unfortunately, Zelle does not support Netspend accounts.

PayPal and CashApp

Paypal and CashApp are both known for money transfers from peer to peer. However, there is one thing to note with both apps: neither Paypal or CashApp is a banking institution. 

Netspend lists Paypal as one of the ways to add money to users’ accounts on their website, but it doesn’t mention sending money out. To send money to CashApp, Paypal acts as the middle-man.

Before using any money transfer app, be sure that you can log into your Netspend account to access your banking details associated with your card. Then be sure to create an account with each money transfer platform. After completing the sign-up process, enter your Netspend account details.

When using CashApp, you must enter your Netspend account details (account number and routing number) as if you are adding a bank. CashApp does not support prepaid debit cards, so you can not successfully link your Netspend account using the debit card method. Entering your Netspend information into the Paypal app, you must also link it as a bank.

A few key things to keep in mind when using CashApp and Paypal to withdraw money from Netspend:

  • The initial process is lengthy. It takes time to sign up for each different platform and enter the requested information.
  • New banks are always verified in Paypal. It may take a few days for the verification.
  • Be mindful of the amount transferred. Paypal will place a hold on suspicious accounts to make sure accounts are not fraudulent.

Your Paypal account should be linked to both CashApp and Netspend. After your Netspend account has been verified via PayPal, you can now transfer money from your Netspend account to Paypal. And from your Paypal to CashApp. If you have a separate bank account, you can also use Paypal as a middle man for that transfer from Netspend as well. 

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Unlike the previous money transfer apps, Venmo accepts credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. However, there are stipulations. Venmo warns users on their website that cards may be declined due to available funds and fraudulent behavior.

To move your money, sign up for a Venmo account or sign in. Be sure you have your account details. If you know your card number, you can use it with Venmo. If you don’t, you can obtain a virtual card number from Netspend. However, virtual card numbers are only good for one-time use. 

From the settings, find “preferences.” Choose “payment methods,” then select “add bank or card.” Enter your card number and fill in all of the requested information. Complete all the required fields and then add the card. Now you can use your Netspend with Venmo.

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Having a Netspend account has its perks, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Netspend accounts openly receive funds, but sending money to different payment systems has restrictions. 

Within its system, Netspend users can send money to one another without cards. The other way to send money involved various money transfer applications such as Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal. Card or no card, these are good tidbits of information to keep in your back pocket.


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