How to Get Money Off Your Temporary Green Dot Card

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Trying to figure out what method of getting cash from your Green Dot card can sometimes be rather overwhelming. It depends on which Green Dot card you have and whether you can retrieve cash through ATM services or not.

Checking the terms and conditions of your card is your very first step and checking the participating ATMs and bank branches are next. 

Two of the available four Green Dot cards allow you to withdraw money from ATMs: the Cash Back Visa Debit Card and the GO2bank Visa Debit Card. The other two, the Visa Debit Card and the Pay As You Go Visa Debit Card do not allow ATM transactions.

There are other benefits and drawbacks to each type of card available to you as a customer. 

There are no monthly fees if your Green Dot card is the Pay As You Go Visa Debit Card. There are also no monthly fees as long as you provide a $500 direct deposit when signing up for your Visa Debit Card.

However, if you’re looking to transfer money into another account or if you’re looking to withdraw cash, there are plenty of other ways that you can get cash off your temporary Green Dot card. Let’s take a look at some of the ways below.

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How to Get Money Off Your Temporary Green Dot Card

Visa Member Bank

If you present your Green Dot card at any bank that is a member with Visa (which is present all over the globe), the cashier can help you get cash off your Green Dot card as long as it is a Green Dot participating branch. 

Since all Green Dot cards are inherently Visa cards, this may be the easiest way to get cash out of your card’s account. Make sure you call or contact your local Visa banks ahead of time to verify they can help you withdraw your funds from your Green Dot card.

Withdraw Limits

There are limits to ATM withdrawals, depending on which card you have. The Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit Card only allows four withdrawals per month, and that’s between the first and last day of each month. 

Also, if you use an out-of-network ATM, the fee for each transaction is three dollars for each and every withdrawal. Even if you wish to check your balance, doing so on an out-of-network ATM costs fifty cents per inquiry.

The bottom line is, if you’re using your Green Dot card at an ATM, make sure it has the certified Green Dot sticker; otherwise, you’ll incur heavy fees each time you withdraw cash or even simply check your balance.

Money Transfers

Each of the four different debit cards available from Green Dot supports bank-to-bank transfers, whether or not the accounts are Green Dot affiliated; however, only one card supports debit card transfers, the GO2bank Debit Card. 

If you wish to transfer funds from your Green Dot Card (because it’s simply a card with funds, not an actual bank account), you can only transfer funds to other debit accounts if you have the G02bank Card.

You can send money from one GreenDot card to another Green Dot card, whether you have more than one card or if you’d like to send money to a friend or family member, or perhaps even pay a bill you owe. You can transfer card to card with each of the card options available through Green Dot Debit Cards.

Using Your Green Dot Card

Although it may seem restrictive on the whole, with the GO2bank Debit Card you can send money to your own debit account. As long as the names match up on your debit account with your bank and the name that’s on the Green Dot card, you should be good to go.

One of the best uses for a Green Dot Debit Card is when you deposit at least $1,000 per month on the card; that way you avoid extra fees from direct deposits that are too low.

If you consistently receive $1,000 per month or more on your Green Dot card, it’s such a convenient way to have the perks of banking without opening a credit account. You can treat your Green Dot card like a debit account itself, and since you can do bank-to-bank transfers, paying bills is a cinch.

Other Benefits

Green Dot cards are excellent for those who prefer to avoid using paper checks. It’s also great when you just want to keep your payments and money transfers paperless and simply do any banking activity through apps or online. 

The best part about Green Dot cards is that they are provided through Visa or Mastercard, which are accepted virtually anywhere. In this digital age, your Green Dot card could be the way for you to conveniently withdraw cash and pay your bills without dealing with paper checks or complicated transactions.

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