Where Can I Withdraw Money From My ReliaCard?

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ReliaCard is a service provided by U.S. Bank in conjunction with several government agencies. They include, but are not limited to, benefits related to child support, unemployment, pension programs, and worker’s compensation. 

ReliaCard works as an alternative to paper checks and direct deposits to your private bank account. Government agencies opt for this method because it’s fast, secure, and minimizes paper use. 

Your ReliaCard funds are deposited directly into your account, avoiding the risk of being lost or stolen. You only need one card as well, since all future payments will be sent directly to the same card each time. 

You can use a ReliaCard in many of the same ways as a debit card; you can pay bills, make purchases, and withdraw cash, making ReliaCard easy to use in your day-to-day life.   

Unfortunately, cash access may not be available for all programs. Thoroughly read the information sent with your ReliaCard in the mail to verify that you can withdraw cash. Once you have verified that you can withdraw cash, then there are three options on how to do so. 

Where to Withdraw Money 

Your ReliaCard can have cash withdrawn in the following ways:

  • In-person at a bank
  • An in-network ATM
  • Cashback on any debit purchase

Bank Teller

The first way you can withdraw money from your ReliaCard is in person with a bank teller. Any Visa or Mastercard member bank or credit union will allow you to withdraw cash from your card. Prior to withdrawing your money, you need to know how much money you have on your ReliaCard. 

U.S. Bank does not share your account information besides the government agency providing your funds for privacy reasons. That way, the bank teller doesn’t have access to your ReliaCard information and is unable to verify your balance. Checking how much money you have on your card is essential so you won’t run the risk of overdrawing your account.  

When you arrive, approach the teller and ask for a cash withdrawal from your ReliaCard. Make sure to have your ID or Driver’s License ready when you withdraw your money. The bank teller may request identification to verify that you are the cardholder. 

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ATM Withdrawal

ATM withdrawal is a very convenient method to get cash from your ReliaCard. Because there are many ATMs in high-traffic areas, you will likely find a place to withdraw funds nearby. Remember that withdrawing money from an ATM can incur fees if the machine is not in-network with U.S. Bank and ReliaCard.  

To find in-network ATMs, you can search with locator services provided by U.S. Bank and MoneyPass. You can also find ATM locations on the U.S. Bank ReliaCard mobile banking application on your phone. 

At the ATM, insert or swipe your card and enter your 4-digit pin. Then choose “Withdrawal from Checking.” The machine will then tell you to enter the amount you want to be withdrawn. It will then deposit the cash and make it available for you to take from the machine. 

At times, it can be hard to find one that is in-network near you, although there are many ReliaCard affiliated ATMs. If that happens, when you withdraw from an out-of-network ATM, you will be subject to a $1.75 fee on your withdrawal amount.

For more information about the fees associated with withdrawing from your ReliaCard, you can go to the U.S. Bank ReliaCard website and log in to your personal account as it can differ from state to state. You can also review the information sent in the mail with your ReliaCard as it also includes the fee schedule.

Cashback on Debit Purchases

You can get cashback from grocery and convenience stores as well. It’s one of the most convenient ways you can withdraw money from your ReliaCard. The best part is that there are no extra fees to withdraw funds with a debit purchase. 

This method of cash withdrawal can be especially helpful if you are having a hard time finding an ATM that is in-network. Grocery and convenience stores are found everywhere and are often more available than ATMs. As long as the store accepts VISA payments, you will be able to use your ReliaCard.

First, you need to be willing to make a purchase using your ReliaCard. Remember that what you are purchasing will also come out of your ReliaCard balance.  

After you scan your items and are ready to pay, you will then see a screen that asks you to choose debit or credit:

  • Choose “debit,” then enter your 4-digit pin. 
  • When the screen asks “Do you want cashback,” select “Yes” for cashback. 
  • Different dollar amounts will be shown, usually $10, $20, $50, and “Other.” 
  • Select your amount, and press “OK” choose “Other” to enter the amount you want. Then, press “OK.”

After your transaction goes through, it will pay for your items, and the store clerk will hand you the money you’ve requested as cashback. 

It is important to note that some stores do have a limit to how much you can withdraw through cashback services. Check with the store before attempting to withdraw large amounts to avoid confusion or problems at the checkout. 

Checking Your Card Balance

For various reasons, it’s crucial to check your balance before using your ReliaCard. It is often necessary before withdrawing money from a bank in person or when requesting cash back from a debit purchase in a store.

There are a couple of ways to check your balance:

  • Through your online account on a web browser
  • Receive email or text alerts of deposits or low balance
  • U.S. Bank ReliaCard app on your mobile phone
  • Balance inquiry at an in-network ATM (no fee)

ReliaCard is Different than a Debit Card

Your ReliaCard account information isn’t shared with any banks and is only accessed by the government agency providing your funds. That is different from a debit or credit card where you can request balance verification from any bank. 

Depending on the program funding your ReliaCard, it might have some limitations when it comes to pre-authorized transactions. You may not be able to use it to pay at the pump at a gas station and will need to pay with the attendant instead. The same also applies when paying at locations where you are required to tip, as the merchant will generally place a hold on your funds to include the 20% tip. 

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U.S. Bank’s ReliaCard is an excellent service that allows you to receive government and state-funded payments. In most cases, you can use them as you would with any other debit card. 

Since your funds are deposited safely and quickly into your ReliaCard, you won’t have to wait to receive your check in the mail. Not only is that convenient, but it also decreases the risk of having your check stolen or getting lost. 

Withdrawing cash from your ReliaCard is as easy and convenient as the deposit process. 

You have the option of going in-person to a bank and requesting a withdrawal from a bank teller. You can also use any ATM to withdraw your cash, but try to make sure it is in-network to avoid fees. Remember, you can also request cashback on any debit purchase at a grocery or convenience store. 

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