Can You Transfer Money from Reliacard to a Bank Account?

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Everybody wants a suitable way to access their money. Having some money in a certain account that is hard to access when required can be distressing. 

Transferring money from a prepaid card to a bank account makes it easier for you to offset bills, apply for loans, save for future developments, among other benefits.

In the United States, more than 21.3% of the population benefits from government assistance programs every month. This money is disbursed to the appropriate recipients via reliacard. 

Therefore, if you are receiving financial assistance from the government, you can conveniently access your benefits via the reliacard. 

A reliacard is a prepaid debit card used for receiving government agency payments, especially unemployment support funds. 

The question is, can you conveniently transfer funds from that reliacard to your account? Well, the simple answer is yes. 

Reliacard permits you to withdraw money from your bank account depending on the selected program. However, if you have more than one program, you should have different reliacards for the various programs.

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How Does the Reliacard Wok

Reliacard makes it easy to carry out different kinds of transactions efficiently. Once you deposit money to the card’s account, it can be used in offsetting bills, online, phone, or mail-order buying. 

You can also claim your cashback with purchases at participating merchants or withdraw money at ATMs, banks, or credit unions. 

You don’t need a bank account or credit compliance to qualify for the card. You are only required to fill out The U.S. Bank reliacard Visa (FA-100-ES) form and take it back to DHHS. 

When using the card, you can transfer money from your reliacard to your bank account as many times as possible since the card has no limit.  

All the money used during your transactions is generally subtracted from the available balance on the card. Although reliacard is usually prepaid, some merchants over-authorize them, which can lead to unnecessary spending and, in other cases, an overdraft. 

Therefore, to curb an over-authorization on your card account and avoid costly overdraft fees, it is essential to check your balance before spending. 

How to Transfer Money from Reliacard to a Bank Account

With most prepaid debit cards, you can conveniently transfer funds to your bank account when you want to use them. However, not all cards permit a direct transaction. Some cards must involve a third-party agent. 

For example, if you have funds in your Netspend, it is impossible to transfer them directly to your bank account without passing via PayPal. 

However, this is not the case with reliacard. With a reliacard, your money doesn’t have to go through third-party agents. 

All you are required to do is connect your card account to a bank account. Then tap the “Transferring Funds” tab and complete all the necessary fields. 

You can link your card online since the debit card permits you to control it via the app or the web. After linking the two successfully, you can now make ACH withdrawals. 

However, you can only transact funds effectively if you are in a program that endorses reliacard-to-bank-transfer, such as the government financial assistance program. 

Benefits of Using Reliacard

Compared to the typical bank account, reliacard has numerous benefits which include:

It is Fast

Since cash transfer does not involve a third-party agent, the money tends to reflect immediately on your card once it is sent.

Saves Time

Users don’t have to make a long queue in the bank waiting to get their benefits. Funds are sent directly to their card, which can instantly be transferred to the bank account and eventually get withdrawn via the ATM or make other transactions. 

It is Convenient

Having a reliacard is like having liquid cash. You don’t need to carry liquid cash while you have the card since the card can pay at points taking the card and withdraw at ATMs, banks, or credit unions.

Your Money is Intact

U.S. banks usually give Reliacard. Therefore, the money is insured by the FDIC. This means that the money is very secure whether the bank collapses or not. 

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Monitor your Spending

With a reliacard, you can always track how you spend your money since it is easier to access the regular transactions or the transaction history. 

Therefore, it is easy to realize when something suspicious happens to your account. Additionally, the email and phone notifications are enough for your alerts.

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Wrap Up

Reliacard is not a credit card but functions like other prepaid debit cards. It can be applied to make purchases everywhere the visa debit card is allowed. 

It saves you the hassles of making long queues at the bank whenever you want to receive your payments. 

Additionally, it is easier to use reliacard at certain stores and restaurants and receive back the cash when you clear the bills using the card.

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