Walmart Money Card: Transfer Money From One Card to Another

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If you’re looking for an easy way to transfer money from one card to another, a Walmart money card may be your answer. 

A Walmart money card is a prepaid debit card program offered by Green Dot Bank. The card is available to purchase at Walmart stores and is reloadable without additional fees. The Walmart money card grants users 3% cashback from online Walmart purchases and 1% from in-store sales.

The Walmart money card costs $1 at the time of purchase and has a monthly fee of $5.94. 

The monthly fee can get waived if qualifying deposits are equal to or greater than $500 in a month. 

Transferring Money to Other People From One Card to Another

Transferring money through Walmart cards starts with simply downloading the Walmart app. Money sending and transfers are limited to the United States and United States residents.

You need the recipient’s valid email address or phone number to transfer money. Then, follow the steps inside the Walmart money card app to send or transfer funds in a few simple steps:

  • Once in the app, tap on the “Pay Bills and People” that will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the “Pay People” tab, select “Send Money,” and input the phone or email of the recipient.
  • Write the amount you want to send and add an optional memo.

Ensure you describe the nature of your money transfer if you use a memo – include information regarding the recipient and if the transfer is personal or business-related. Once received, the recipient can deposit the transferred funds in several ways. 

If the recipient has an existing Walmart money card, the funds will automatically get deposited into their account. If the person receiving the money does not have a Walmart money card, they can still receive the funds – but maybe not as quickly.

The easiest option is to use a valid PayPal account. Most people have PayPal, and if they don’t, it’s an easy setup process. 

Recipients who do not have a Walmart money card or do not want a PayPal account will receive a temporary Walmart card number. They can use the temporary Walmart card number to transfer the funds elsewhere, such as to another bank.

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Transferring Money Between Family Account Cards

Transferring money between cards linked through a family account is easy. The family account allows parents to create linked accounts for themselves, their children, and other family members. Family accounts are available to up to 4 approved people above the age of 13.

The Walmart family account is a great way to educate teenagers and kids about spending and budgeting without too much hassle.

Family account holders can transfer money the corresponding way outlined above – selecting the pay tab and then clicking send funds.

Next, enter the email or phone number associated with the account. Select the amount to send and add a memo. Confirm the transaction and the money transfers immediately.

Reloading Money to a Walmart Money Card

There are several ways of reloading or depositing money onto a Walmart money card. 

These methods are:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Bank Transfer
  • Rapid Reload at Walmart Stores

Direct Deposit

Walmart cards conveniently offer direct deposit. To set up the deposit feature, use the Walmart money card app to find your account details, such as your account number and bank routing number. Give this information to your employer, and they will set up a direct deposit to your account.

Bank Transfer

If you have an account at another bank, you can transfer funds between that institution and your Walmart money card. 

In the app, go to add and send money and select deposit. Then follow the steps on the app to input your bank account information. Finally, complete any verification tasks sent through the bank or the Walmart money card app. 

Once your information is verified, you will be able to transfer funds from your bank whenever you need them.

To receive money from another bank account, they will have to follow the necessary steps of their bank. There are no special instructions to follow to obtain money this way.

Rapid Reload

Frequent Walmart shoppers may find the Rapid Reload option the most beneficial. This feature allows cardholders to reload their money cards from kiosks in stores. However, you may want to use this in emergencies only, as it comes with a $3 service fee.

When at a checkout or service desk, present your Walmart money card and ask for a Rapid Reload. After you specify your deposit amount, the money will transfer to your card in about ten minutes. 

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The Walmart money card is a convenient and quick way to transfer money between accounts and family members. It has versatile money transfer and relocation options without third-party fees. Walmart money cards are also a safe and convenient money option for teenagers. 

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